Special 'LOVE Your Life'

5 Session Bundle!

Experience The Magic of The Bundle!

Every once in awhile, when a client asks if they can purchase a package of sessions, my guides offer them this 5 session bundle.

And when they jump in...

Magic moments, amazing aha's and areas of their life transform easily before their very eyes!

In only five, 'Quick Shift', 90 min. sessions!


Because we're at a place in the evolution of consciousness on this planet when quick shifts into a life you LOVE are magically possible now.


This Can Be You....



  • Walking with your True Self, Spirit Guides and Akashic Records by your side, through the areas of your life that are evolving and shifting.

  • Seeing clearly the highest good path to take and the higher purpose of the shifts occurring in your life.

  • Experiencing a deep sense of peace, calm and clarity you've rarely experienced before.



Feel how amazing it will be to...

Walk with more openness and flow

greeting the new day with joy and excitement at what miracles await


Really and truly LOVE yourself and your life

which are unfolding in magical ways


Trust in yourself and your intuition

to anchor you into a life you LOVE in every moment of your day

no matter who or what is around you

Open to more of your amazing intuitive, healing and manifesting abilities

within your life



That, my friends, is the wonderful joy I receive - seeing you claim your Truth and Amazingness and appreciate your beautiful and unique YOU in the world!



The Value of a Bundle...


The value you receive when you commit to five sessions is so much different than paying as you go...

I've seen it time and time again with myself and my clients.

Committing to a block of sessions, fast-tracks your goals and puts you on the path of transformation and growth much more easily than waiting until you desperately need a session.

There's growth and transformation that has been programmed into these packages...

Which, my guides activate when you sign up - synchronicities, LOVE and support open up immediately.

Receive Any Modality You Need...

We'll tailor each session to exactly what you need...5D Reiki + Harmonizing Session and/or an Akashic Reading.

Receive the loving high-vibe power of 5D Reiki to supercharge and connect you to your truth and wisdom and your soul's guidance.

And receive answers to your questions and the tools you need during your Akashic Reading.

Your 'Quick Shift' 5 Session Bundle Includes...


5, 90 Min, 'Quick Shift' Sessions - ($1,750 value)

tailored to be exactly what you need to connect you to your power and release your fears

use at your convenience (sessions expire 6 months from purchase) 

- by phone, Zoom or in-person​

Unique messages from your True Self, Spirit Guides and Akashic Records

to help you step into your power and create a life you LOVE!


Tools your True Self wants you to work with

which quickly shifts and up-levels your life

Recordings of All Sessions

with energy downloads to re-energize you anytime you listen​

Total Value: $1,750

Your Investment: $1,250​

or 2 payments of $697


Next Steps


  1.  Contact me to schedule your Free 20 Minute Phone Consult to see if this is right for you.

  2. If so, we'll finalize payment and schedule your first session.

  3. We meet via phone, Zoom or in person and you start truly LOVING your life!

"I had some powerful things occur during my session and Olivia never left my side. 

She is truly gifted, and a wonderful person." - Lisa K.

Read more testimonials from some of the wonderful clients I've worked with in the past here

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