Activate Your Multi-Dimensional You!

The Earth has shifted!


You're now able to consciously live a multi-dimensional life; living from a place of unity, wholeness and LOVE, instead of karmic "cause and effect" and repeating cycles of drama.


It's time to release your limiting beliefs, fears and restrictive patterns and...   

  • Fully activate your new Light Body

  • Move out of drama

  • Live from a place of deep peace, LOVE and co-creating with the universe, no matter what's going on around you, wherever you are

  • Create a life you LOVE!

Your Journey Into Your 5D Amazing Life...

These specialty Reiki sessions help you walk with your TRUE SELF as your Guide and Trusted Friend - working in tandem with higher energies of LOVE, unity and compassion throughout your life and manifesting a life you LOVE.  

In the 5th dimension, all paths are visible and chosen based upon your internal resonance, which means how you feel and what you’re passionate about create your reality and you magnetize the people and experiences to you that resonate to your internal vibration.  


5D Reiki + Harmonizing Sessions help to reset your internal vibration - magnetizing to you a more expansive and joyfilled life.  


With your internal vibration recalibrated in this way, instant manifestion is possible and the desire to hook into the drama of the outside world is diminished. 


Through the loving energy of Reiki and unique intuitive messages from your Spirit Guides & Soul, we go straight to your multi-dimensional TRUE SELF during sessions, activating it's amazing abilities and teaching you how to step into your life that awaits. 


During Your Session You'll Receive:

Energy recalibrations to live a life you LOVE

Specific Soul Tools unique to your journey 

Intuitive messages from your Guides & TRUE SELF

How to work with the collective energy shifts hitting the planet

Energy activations that turn on your unlimited potential

Plus Olivia's Specialties:

Chakra Balancing

Aura Clearing

Soul Block Release

Negative Energy/Entity Removal

Relationship Healing

Manifestation Activation

Heart Wall Healing

Grounding ​

Spirit Guide/Angelic Frequencies

Soul Retreval of Lost Aspects

Reiki Crystal Healing

Karuna Reiki Energy Healing

Soul Purpose Activation


Choose Your Specialty "+ Harmonizing Session"...

Pick from One of Olivia's 5 Specialties to Energize and Focus Your Session:


5D Reiki + Relationship Harmonizing:

Receive messages from your Soul and Spirit Guides to

heal old relationship wounds, find peace and grow your current relationships

into high-vibe fulfilling ones or magnetize a genuinely loving

Soul Mate relationship to you with ease.

5D Reiki + Attract More Money Harmonizing:

Receive messages from your Soul and Spirit Guides to

release the subconscious programs keeping you in survival mode

and activate your high-vibe magnet to affluence and ease.​

5D Reiki + Intuitive & Healing Soul Gifts Harmonizing:

Receive messages from your Soul and Spirit Guides to

turn on and expand into your up-leveled intuitive and healing abilities

and learn to work with your Soul Gifts throughout your life.

5D Reiki + Activate Your Soul Purpose Harmonizing:

Receive messages about your Soul Purpose from your Soul and Spirit Guides,

clear the blocks holding you back and receive next steps

to work more consciously with it in your life. 

Your Investment: $250

60 Minute, 5D Reiki + Harmonizing Session

(In-Person, Phone or Zoom)

*Please note: All appointment times are in Colorado's Mountain Standard Time Zone.

If Your Reading Is By Phone or Zoom...


  1. Book your Reiki + Harmonizing Session using the link above (remember all times are in Mountain Standard).

  2. Contact me here through email and we'll set up phone or Zoom for your session.

  3. I'll send you a link to prepay before your session.

  4. Once payment is received, I'll call you at the appointed time and look forward to your session!

A Note On The Collective Shift Into 5D That's Happening Currently...

We are making the shift into expanded awareness (5th dimensional and above), whether we are conscious of it or not.  It's a process that's been happening since 2010 when the earth stepped into the current timeline (2012 anchored this timeline in) and we collectively decided (in spirit) to participate together in making this new way of living a reality.

This process has been happening behind the scenes.  You may have felt or been aware of energy within and around you that feels at times uncomfortably intense or deeply joyful and loving.  

You may have felt like time is speeding up and relationships, jobs and other aspects of your life have quickly shifted in a blink of an eye.  One minute things are fine and the next you find yourself speaking a deeply powerful truth that changes the course of events.


Collectively we're bringing in new and empowering beliefs, writing and activating new pathways for humanity and opening to new ways of living.

Deep within your DNA, this amazing creation energy has been purposely rewiring your:


  • Physical body to run on light, plasma and crystalline energies.

  • Nervous system to run high frequency quantum energy throughout your body and take in high vibrational intuitive information.

  • DNA to activate your unique Soul Gifts, Purpose and your connection to the Akashic Records; releasing limiting old patterns and programming based on survival, fear, lack and victim consciousness and turning off karmic experiences, lessons and diseases within the body.

  • Brain to work with expanded multi-dimensional awareness consciously at all times.

  • Heart to receive messages from your Soul and create based upon resonance with the universal creation energy of LOVE in all forms.

  • Connection to your Soul through a direct line of communication.

**There's nothing you need to do to facilitate these openings and activations - they are perfectly timed and are happening in your divinely inspired Soul Timeline.

These 5D Reiki Sessions, however, help you integrate and understand consciously your unique process of working with the collective shift taking place on our planet and how to harness the shifts to expand your own life and manifest a life you LOVE.

If you're ready to really rock the life you're meant to live, instead of just daydream about it or hope it comes, then join me and let's jump into your amazingness together!

5D Reiki +

Harmonizing Sessions

Your Investment: $250

60 Minute, 5D Reiki + Harmonizing Session

“I have done reiki, readings, and all three levels of reiki certifications with Olivia. 

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reader/Reiki Master 

who only uses the highest vibrational energy.” – Sarah N.

“I have never had a Reiki session before.  Olivia made me feel so comfortable and safe.

I had some powerful things occur during my session and Olivia never left my side.

She is truly gifted, and a wonderful person." Lisa K.

Read more testimonials from some of the wonderful clients I've worked with in the past here

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