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4-Month Akashic Reader for Empaths
Program Application

Application Deadlines: one week before program start

I run one to two rounds of this program each year starting in January &/or June:

We meet weekly via Zoom throughout program - taking holiday weeks off

For specific dates... Contact Olivia



Thank you for your interest in my 4-Month Akashic Reader for Empaths Program!  


Acceptance into this small group program will be based upon the answers you give in this application.  


You will be notified via email shortly after you submit the application letting you know if you got in along with next steps. 



To apply, please take the time to fill out the information below.

I am a “Glass-Half-Full” Female Empathic Lightworker who believes in freedom, sovereignty and can see or just starting to see the true reality of what’s going on in the world and ready to step into more of my empowerment through becoming an Akashic Reader.
Which program start date are you interested in?
The prerequisite to attend this progam is completion of Olivia's Reiki Master Certification. Are you a Reiki Master?

This is an advanced study program - prior experience in reading the Records is required.  We will be using [and expanding upon] Linda Howe’s method of reading the Records. 


If you haven’t already started reading the Records, please purchase her first book, How to Read the Akashic Records, and begin on your own before joining us. 


NOTE: If you don’t align with Linda Howe's method, that is your sign this program is not right for you.