Learn To Read The Akashic Records

For Yourself & Others

Reading The Records Is Your Special Sauce For Success!


Since learning to read the Akashic Records in 2010, I've given over 500 professional Akashic Readings to others and have created my unique system of Akashic Training directly from the Records and my Spirit Guides, which I've taught since 2015. 


Out of all the metaphysical tools and intuitive healing methods I've learned over the years, reading the Records is by far my favorite and one of the most transformational experiences I and my students have ever had.

Not only are you connecting to your Soul's journey throughout the universe, in and out of body,​ but you also deeply grow your intuitive abilities and your life quickly shifts as a result of accessing the Records for yourself and others. Once I learned to read my Records, it's been my go to method during times of stress, confusion and big life choices.   

What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a holographic recording of every living thing that has ever been created in the universe (people, planets, animals, etc.) and it's journey throughout time and space.  Everything you've done, thought or experienced in and out of body is stored here.  I like to think of them as a big Word document that can be edited over and over again, while maintaining a connection to all previous versions and editions.


Why Read The Records For Others?


Most every challenge we experience has its roots in past lives and lives in spirit.  Akashic Readings access this wisdom, bringing in the LOVE, compassion and understanding that the person's Soul has for them and helping people feel loved and understood, which facilitates deep healing.

Unlike an intuitive reading, reading another person's Akashic Records connects them to their Soul's higher wisdom and all they've ever known or experienced in all physical incarnations (past lives, parallel lives, other dimensions) and in spirit (as the soul, spirit guides for others, in between lives and so on).

Akashic Readings go beyond intuitively reading someone's aura or talking with deceased loved ones and spirit guides (although that can happen in a reading).  Akashic Readings go to the core reasons for what is being experienced and how to understand, flow and work with its higher purpose.

Learning To Read The Akashic Records Opens The Door To:


A Deeper Understanding

of the higher purpose of your experiences 


The Best Choices To Make

to manifest the life you desire


Amazing Clarity

when things are overwhelming & confusing


Your Direct Line

to communicate with your Soul, Spirt Guides & the Divine


Unconditional LOVE 

from the universe & your soul family



Olivia's Three Levels of Akashic Training


I can't say enough about the Records and how learning to read them for yourself and others activates more awareness and spiritual growth in your life and the lives of those you read.  It's also the superpower of all Empaths and the practice that helps shift our path into empowerment and our Divine Gifts.

Because of this, it's become part of my bigger Soul Mission and my absolute delight to channel and teach directly from my guides these high vibrational and unique Akashic classes based upon my years of experience reading the Records. ​

Akashic 1 for Empaths is the foundational class where you learn to read your own Records and the Records of others, meet your Master Teachers, overseers of the Records and spirit guides that relay information during readings and give readings to others with lots of hands on practice, training and support in and outside of class.

Akashic 2 for Empaths goes into advanced detail about the healing energy found in the Records and why an Akashic Reading is so healing and transformative. You'll learn how the healing energy of the Records moves through and works in the human body and energy system, how it heals so quickly and how to work more deeply with this healing energy in past lives, incarnational journeys, other timelines. You'll meet your Akashic Record Healing Guides and receive an attunement to access this deeper dimension in the Records.

Akashic 3 for Empaths is the advanced level which teached you how to find and clear blocks in the Records. You'll learn how to easily find discordant energies, non-beneficial programs in all levels of the Records. This level helps transform yourself and clients by releasing stuck patterns and chronic conditions easily and quickly; growing the soul into expanded levels of consciousness. You'll meet your Akashic Record Clearing Guides and receive an attunement to access this deeper dimension in the Records.

Whether you're a spiritually based business owner or looking to expand your intuitive and healing abilities, I invite you to check in with your heart to see if my unique series of classes is right for you:

Akashic Reader For Empaths Level 1 Training

  • Learn to read the Records for yourself and others.

  • Work with the spiritual beings that relay information during readings. 

  • Become a professional reader.  

  • Receive certification, an attunement, in depth training & support.


2 days (8 hours): $375 + $15 book

Akashic Reader For Empaths Level 2 


  • Learn to work with the Record's healing energy, other timelines & dimensions.

  • Meet your Akashic Record Healing Guides.  

  • Receive certification & an attunement to access this deeper dimension of the Records.


3 days (12 hours): $525

Akashic Reader for Empaths Level 3 Training

  • Learn to find & clear blocks, stuck patterns & chronic conditions easily in the Records.

  • Meet your Akashic Clearing Guides.  

  • Receive certification & an attunement to expand your abilities.


3 days (12 hours): $650

I run this series 2-3 times per year.

If you don't see any upcoming group classes, please

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"At the end of both classes, I walked away with amazing new abilities to heal others and myself.

Olivia taught her Akashic Level 1 and 2 classes in a light-filled, safe, and yet highly practical way.  Her knowledge base, teaching skills, and faith in her students elevated my experience beyond learning.  It allowed for deep growth and healing.

I’m very much looking forward to taking the Akashic Level 3 training in the future!” - Kerri F.

"Olivia is a patient, careful, knowledgeable, funny and loving teacher.  

I look forward to more sessions and classes with her!” – Morgan P.

"From her first class I was so impressed with Olivia’s professional teaching style coupled with creativity and compassion. It’s my understanding that Olivia is an artist and professional educator as well.  Her background in education coupled with her heightened intuitive nature helps create an energizing and enlightening environment

that facilitates learning and enrichment." - Cathi B.

Read more testimonials from some of the wonderful clients I've worked with in the past here

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