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The Akashic Records are calling you...


You've been on your spiritual journey for awhile now, accessed many modalities and are looking to take your gifts and abilities to the next level.​

You know there's a place that can access all past, present and future at the blink of an eye and quickly transform issues into life changing miracles.

You've read the Records currently and/or before in past lives and you've reached a place of integrity and alignment on your spiritual journey, in this life, to step into your larger purpose.


You're looking for a more advanced and in-depth instruction on reading the Records, that expands upon the basics you've found in books - with the universe as your guide.

You're a True Self Empowered Akashic Reader...




Expand into the multi-layered holographic recording of everything ever created in the multi-verse & its wisdom.

Every challenge has its roots in past lives & lives in spirit...

Akashic Readings access this wisdom, helping people feel loved and understood, which facilitates deep healing and transformation.

Akashic Readings go beyond intuitively reading someone's aura or talking with deceased loved ones and spirit guides (although that can happen in a reading).  


Akashic Readings go to the core reasons for what's being experienced and how to understand, flow and work with its higher purpose.

Since learning to read the Records in 2010, I've given over 1,000 professional readings & counting...



And created a unique advanced 4-level system of Akashic Training designed for Empaths (channeled from the Records), which I've taught since 2015.


These unique levels go beyond book learning and get you into the heart and integrity of the Records, while transforming your life, inner being and outer world in the process.

Each level acts as a bridge to the next, while attuning your channel, discernment and truth in the process.  By the time you reach the sacred last level, learning to read the Source Records, you're a new person.


Because of this, it's become part of my bigger Soul Mission and my absolute delight to teach this series to you based upon my years of experience - so you can step into your Divine Gifts and Empowerment too!





Join an Integrity-Filled 

Group of Female Readers...


Activate Your Soul Mission

Expand Your Intuitive Gifts

Change People's Lives


Akashic Level 1

  • Learn to read the heart of the Records for yourself & others.

  • Work with the spiritual beings who relay information during readings. 

  • Become a professional reader.  

  • Receive an attunement, in depth training & support.


Akashic Level 2

  • Learn to work with the Akashic Record's healing energy & other timelines & dimensions, while aligning your channel to read higher levels of the Records.

  • Meet your Akashic Record Healing Guides.  

  • Receive an attunement to access this deeper dimension of the Records.


Akashic Levels 3 & 4

  • Level 3 - Learn to find & clear blocks, stuck patterns & chronic conditions easily in the Universal Records & meet your Akashic Clearing Guides.  

  • Level 4 - Access the sacred Source Records & learn to work with Divine Creation Source Codes in your life & with clients
  • Receive an attunement for each level to expand your abilities.


Unique Empath Tools

  • How to read without becoming drained

  • Identifying toxic clients & setting boundaries in your practice 

  • Honoring your gifts  

  • Trusting yourself when reading difficult issues


Ethics of Being a Reader

  • How to be a neutral channel

  • Radiating LOVE in sessions

  • Honoring the choices of your clients

  • Reading without ego

  • Maintaining healthy boundaries


Professional Practice


  • The simple tech you need to maintain a professional practice

  • The intake forms I use that sets you apart from others

  • Knowing who you're here to serve,  your unique gifts, charging what you're worth & building a client list

Your 4-Month 'Akashic for Empaths' Program Includes...

  • 17, Weekly, 2-hour LIVE Group Training Calls - day & time to be announced (all calls in mountain time & via Zoom) - NOTE: calls won't occur during major holiday weeks ($4,250 value)

  • Akashic Levels 1 - 4 Certification - video training modules, Akashic Attunements for each level, PDF handouts & Professional Certification for each level ($2,050 value)

  • Support & Community in our Private Community Group ($500 value)

  • Access to Olivia throughout your 4-month program - ask me anything 24/7 ($1,400 value)

  • Lifetime Access to all your content (training, PDFs, Group Call recordings), as well as future content (future group calls excluded) & Private Community Group ($700 value)


Total Value: $8,900


Your Price: 4 payments of $600

(you must be a certified Reiki Master to attend this program)

I highly recommend anyone interested in taking Olivia's akashic course to take it!


I came into the course already reading the records professionally for others for a few years, but gained

such a deep understanding and insight of the records

and how they operate through her well structured

and highly engaging course material.


With her decade of experience and through

channeling in the records she was able to

answer so many of my questions around

the logistics and inner-workings of the Akash.


Olivia is truly a teacher’s teacher

and it was an honor to learn from such

an experienced practitioner who holds such a

high level of personal integrity. Thank you, Olivia

for an amazing and life changing experience!”



It's time to advance

Copy of Beige, Pink and Gold Visual Stor

At the end of both akashic classes,

I walked away with amazing new abilities

to heal others and myself.


Olivia's knowledge base, teaching skills, and faith in her students elevated my experience beyond learning.  

It allowed for deep growth and healing.


- Kerri

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I run one to two small group rounds of this program each year starting in January &/or June:


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