'LOVE Your Life'

& 'Quick Shift'

Akashic Readings

You ARE an Amazing Light!

You've done amazing things you couldn't possibly imagine, are far more talented than you think and have traveled throughout the universe, creating and guiding this tapestry of life into the wonderful amalgam that it is today!


Thank you for being you!  


Now, your True Self wants you to remember who you really are and why you're here because you're meant to live a life you LOVE and LOVE the life you have right now.


Why?  Because you ARE important and connected to the evolution this planet is currently undergoing and it's your time to LOVE, shine your light out, connect to your aligned community & give back to the world in the amazing ways you came here to do!

Want to find out how?

It's easy...

Receive An Akashic Reading To LOVE Your Life!

During your Akashic reading, I'll access information stored in your Akashic Records (the record of your soul’s journey on earth and beyond) and facilitate a conversation between your Soul, True Self, Spirit Guides and Angels to help bring clarity and activate a life filled with more joy and LOVE.  

During your reading, you'll:

  • Receive answers to your questions from the wisdom and higher perspective of your Akashic Records.

  • View your experience and life through the lens of your True Self.

  • Clear any false subconscious programs, fears and energies holding you back so you can truly embody the peace and clarity to move forward into a life filled with more connection and LOVE.


A big part of why people LOVE Akashic Readings as compared to an ordinary Intuitive Reading is the ability to shift quickly and easily out of past pain and drama and into the life your Soul wants you to have.

Since you're in the presence of your Source's Light and it flows to you during the reading, anything is truly possible and magic happens.

Every client has experienced this magical shift in perspective and openings into more LOVE during and after readings.

Isn't it time you did as well?

Understand The Magic of the True You!...

Connect back to your True Self and Source and your Soul's messages through a unique,

high-level and deeply loving, 'Love Your Life' Akashic Reading with Olivia!


Receive answers to your questions, along with 

a sneak peak into the amazingness that is truly you!

Meet Your High Vibe Spirit Guides

& Their Past Life Connections


Understand The Higher Purpose & Past Life Connections

To People In Your Life

Activate Your Bigger Soul Purpose

& Why You Came Into This Lifetime


Heal & Release Past Life Energies & Woundings

That Are Being Worked Out In The Present

Activate New Creations & Align Your Vibration To Manifest 

What You Really Want In Your Life


Receive Healings & True Self Clearings of Energies 

That No Longer Serve You

Olivia's Specialties Include...

Her unique Akashic Readings have helped hundreds of clients...


Heal Relationships & Attract Your Soul Mate

Heal old relationship wounds, find peace and grow 

your current relationships into high-vibe fulfilling ones or magnetize

a healthy and genuinely loving Soul Mate to you with ease.

Attract More Money

Release the programs keeping you in survival mode 

and activate your high-vibe magnet to affluence and ease.

Activate A Life They Truly LOVE

Step into your core truths and learn to work with your True Self

to clear out false stories, beliefs, fears and subconscious programs

and embody your empowered Truths within your body to powerfully manifest.

Step Into Their Gifts Easily

Turn on and expand your up-leveled intuitive and healing abilities 

and learn to work with your Soul Gifts throughout your life.

Live Their Soul Purpose

Understand the in's and out's of your Soul Purpose

and receive next steps to work more consciously with it in your life. 

Your "LOVE Your Life" Akashic Reading Includes...

Answers to Your Questions & Aha's

from the perspective of your Soul and it's journey


True Self Healings & Energy Clearings

aligning you to your soul's life purpose and activating a life you LOVE


An MP3 Recording of The Reading 

emailed to you with energy downloads from your Spirit Guides

60 Min, 'LOVE Your Life' Akashic Reading: $250

In-person & phone sessions available... 

90 Min, 'Quick Shift' Akashic + 5D Reiki: $350

Add an extra 30 mintues of  5D Reiki to your reading to supercharge you, activate quickly the life you LOVE & easily live it. 


In-person, phone and Zoom sessions available... 

If Your Reading Is By Phone...


*Please note: All appointment times are in Colorado's Mountain Standard Time Zone.

  1. Book your Akashic Reading using the link above (remember all times are in Mountain Standard).

  2. Contact me here through email with the phone number you'll be using for your session.

  3. I'll send you a link to pay before your Akashic Reading.

  4. Once payment is received, I'll call you at the appointed time and look forward to your reading!

"Olivia is such a beautiful person that makes her clients feel totally comfortable.  

am blessed to have received the information she gave me from my Akashic reading. Thank you so much!" – Lisa L.

"My Akashic Reading was powerful and comforting. 

She dove right into the reading, and I felt a wave of love and peace come over me that stayed for the rest of the day.  

I’m still in awe of what my guides had to say.  Olivia is talented and very connected to the Universe.  

I feel blessed by the encouragement of my guides, and for choosing Olivia to convey their message.”– Kelly F.

"The Akashic Readings have opened up new ideas and possibilities, and most important to me, getting closer to the truth. 

Thank you Olivia for being a bright light and a friend.  I sense the warmth, kindness, and spark that you share

from the core of who you are.  I am excited for future sessions together.  Thank you!” – Bill L.

Read more testimonials from some of the wonderful clients I've worked with in the past here

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