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This is where Big Soul Parenting comes in.



Big Soul Parenting connects you to the heart of your intuitive parenting abilities on the Original Source Timeline + the BIG Soul of your child.

Big Soul Parenting is easy - just connect to:


  • The simplicity of your Big Soul Parenting Guides

  • Your child's Big Soul Wisdom 


Once you activate this connection through a specialized attunement during class, the only thing you need to do is follow its lead.  It's that simple!

Our kids need to know who they are...

Big Souls who've come down to be Wayshowers for this earth - just like you. 


You're a Big Soul too, and chances are you forget that when you parent.  In 3D parenting, we're told to forget our Big Soul and play by the rules.


As our Earth ascends and awakens, our future generations just don't have time for this long road of 3D parenting and the added consequence of forgetting who they really are.

They need you to be a Big Soul Parent on this New Earth - to show them the way and anchor into who they truly are NOW.


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Big Soul Kid


  1. A child who's come into this world to help us evolve into a more Unified and Loving society - showing us how to do things differently.

Big Soul Parenting is Transformational!


The BSP Class instantly transformed my family relationships for the better.  I learned new tools to release fear, worry, mom guilt and shame that were extremely freeing.  


Communicating with my son's soul has been the most beautiful and loving gift.  I am eternally grateful to Olivia for sharing this ground breaking information and the tools to use it.  


I have shared BSP with all my friends and family members, it is that Revolutionary!  Sign up, you will be amazed at how easy it is. 


– Lynn

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It takes an aware & aligned village to raise a healthy child.



When you have people who see your amazing essence and can point out your gifts, instead of your flaws and poor choices you've made - you grow up empowered.​​

Having adults believe in and recognize a child's Big Soul is one of our greatest allies for any generation.


This is why I'm so passionate about helping parents connect with their child's Big Soul and trust their intuition in parenting, instead of what society tells us to do.  

I promise you, if I can do this...


You too can find your empowered way through whatever parenting issue you're facing by partnering with your Big Soul and the Big Soul of your child as your guide.

Join me and help shift these next generations into their empowerment - which shifts the world into its empowerment too.

If I can Big Soul Parent, you can too...


Big Soul Parenting arose because I felt like I was failing as a newly single mom.  In 2018, out of discussions with my daughter's Spirit Guides about what she needed me to be for her as she grew up, Big Soul Parenting was born.

I taught and created classes that powerfully helped my community so I figured I could create an attunement system with my guides to better help me parent.


My guides agreed and gave me the 8 fundamental BSP attunement "commands" [parenting tools] to connect directly to my daughter's Guides and Big Soul - so I could channel to her what she needed, as I parented her.  ​

I noticed amazing improvement in myself and our relationship when I used them.  When I started teaching this system to others, they did too.


Children finally felt understood and appreciated -  things we as parents think we're doing, but if we're not connected to our child's Soul, they go unnoticed.

Years later, I still rely on Big Soul Parenting to heal wounds, release family karma and empower myself and my daughter.

  if this resonates with your true self
  Join us in our next 8-week class...  


Receive a unique Big Soul Parenting Attunement to turn on your 5D parenting skills easily!



Work with 8 intuitive "commands" from your attunement to easily & effectively parent your child!



Notice how easy it is to connect & soulfully listen to your child, attend to their needs & support them!


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 Receive an Attunement to Your Big Soul Parenting Abilities

  Meet & Work with Your Big Soul Parenting Guides 

 Open Your Intuitive Channel to Parent Your Child 

 Release the Drama, Trauma & Pain of 3D Parenting 

I would recommend this class

to any parent!


Before attending the Big Soul Parenting Class, I struggled with "mom guilt" and often put other's needs before my own.  During the class, I gained great insight into how to remove the guilt.  Now I am able to practice better self-care and I am more present with my child.


This class helped me to deeply know my child: at the soul level.  It gave me the tools to become a more conscious parent by connecting me to my parenting guide and my own intuitive guidance. 


– Jill W.


Your Big Soul Parenting

8-Week Class Includes...

4, Bi-Weekly (every other week) 2-hour Group Calls

($1,000 value)

Going over training modules, questions and content, with lifetime access to all call recordings.  Day & time to be announced (all calls in mountain time & via Zoom)

NOTE: calls won't occur during major holiday weeks 

Big Soul Parenting Certification

($300 value)

Video training modules, Big Soul Parenting Attunement, PDF handouts & Certification


Support & Community

($100 value)

In our Private Big Soul Parenting Group on my website, receive inspiration, stay in touch and connect with the group

Access to Olivia

($550 value)

Throughout your 8-week class - ask me anything 24/7 about the class and your experiences 24/7 and I'll check in intuitively for you​ ​

Lifetime Access

To all your content (training, PDFs, Group Call recordings), as well as future content (future group calls excluded) 

Value: $1,950

Your Price:

2 payments of $210

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Disclaimer: Olivia is an intuitive facilitator/guide, not a psychotherapist. This class CANNOT help you or your child heal severe trauma, during extreme life experiences or in a life-threatening emergency.  If you have any such issues, please contact the appropriate professional.

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