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So the excitement is starting to wane..

You love your business, but lately clients aren't what they used to be and sessions aren't that exciting.


Some days it feels like you're wading through, not only daily doubts, but the massive amounts of outside advice about growing your business.

Everything's getting jumbled and you're looking for clarity.


You know there's a better way and it's time to get in touch with your business mojo again.


Your True Self is calling you...let's get you clear & back in your confidence.


Cause your business is up-leveling!


Yellow and Purple Flowers

Join an Amazing

Group of Women


Regain Your Confidence

Pivot Easily Into Your Next Level

Ignite Your True Expertise

Here's how it works...

You’ll walk with me and a small group of amazing Empathic Lightworkers for 4-months, get super clear on what makes you amazing and build the confidence and know-how to up-level your business!  

Over the decade plus I’ve been in business, I’ve seen and experienced the pitfalls and trip-ups unique to Empaths moving from the start-up phase to what I like to call the "creative pivot" phase: up-leveling a business based upon your intuitive and healing gifts.

This phase is wrought with a new level of pitfalls and tricky self-sabotaging behaviors keeping you from branching out and staying in Empath Survival Mode.


During this phase, when you're stuck in Empath Survival Mode, you're in an endless cycle of looking to the outside world (clients, money coming in, spouse, friends, etc.) to validate your worth.

Which leads to becoming more and more negatively affected by the normal high's and low's in business.  


Staying in Empath Survival Mode in your business has its consequences, as you begin to:

  • Doubt yourself and your abilities

  • Attract toxic clients and situations

  • Become so disheartened it's easy to quit

There is a better way to pivot!  


Utilize your Magic MOJO and activate your creativity to gain the confidence you need for your business:​

  • Get clear on who you truly are in your business & finally stop chasing validation & worth through "proving yourself"

  • Open to more LOVE of being out in the world through activating your bigger Soul Purpose in your business

  • Create more aligned opportunities & clients in your business & easily say yes to only those things that bring you LOVE & joy 

  • Build your confidence & know what you're capable of through connecting to your Inner Wisdom

  • Feel more alive & passionate by living without the fears & subconscious programs holding you back​

I’ll be by your side so you don't get stuck, burn out or spin your wheels doing things you don't need to at this stage of the game.


And when challenges do arise, you'll be prepared and catch them easily - learning the lessons quickly and moving on even stronger than before!


Image by Ana Tavares

1. Self-Partner & Clear Your Blocks

  • Raise your vibration with your True Self

  • Receive intuitive guidance for your business

  • Commit to & strengthen your business

  • Clear your blocks easily

  • Shift into Self-Awareness & trust

Image by Omid Armin

2. Align Your Money

  • Clear your 2 Major Money Blocks

  • Heal your Money Drains

  • Activate your True Self Money Goals

  • Dream big & create high-vibe

  • Shift into your Expansive Potential

Image by Annie Spratt

3. Create Your Signature Program 

  • Unveil your true transformation

  • Create your aligned offerings

  • Craft your signature program

  • Align to your ideal clients & their needs

  • Shift into your up-leveled Soul Purpose

Image by Emma Matthews Digital Content P

4. Align Your Marketing

  • Clear your #1 Empath Marketing Block

  • Open your flow to your ideal clients

  • Find your high-vibe words

  • Know your Magic MOJO Marketing Plan

  • Shift into attracting clients with joy


5. Step Out of Business Stressors

  • Release your ego from your business

  • Clear perfectionism blocks

  • Anchor into the higher purpose

  • Prioritize your to-do list with LOVE

  • Shift into freedom & empowerment

Woman in Red Dress

6. Step Into Your True Expertise/Leadership

  • Receive your New Soul Mission at this new level

  • Activate your dormant superpowers

  • Receive a roadmap

  • Celebrate how far you've come

  • Shift into your Leadership

Your 4-Month 'Business Clarity' Program Includes...

  • 16 Weekly Group Calls2 hours via Zoom ($2,800 value)

  • '6-Step Business Clarity for Empaths in the Pivot Phase', weekly video training modules ($800 value)

  • Support, Accountability & Community in our Private Community Group ($500 value)

  • Access to Olivia throughout your 4-month program - ask me anything 24/7 ($1,000 value)

  • Lifetime Access to all your content (training, PDFs, Group Call recordings), as well as future content (future group calls excluded) & Private Community Group ($700 value)


Total Value: $5,800


Your Price: $600/month

(4 payments)

*This program is open to those

who've successfully completed my

Empath Business Startup Challenge

Space is limited


Enrollment is CLOSED

Get in on the next round...

NOTE: Acceptance is based on an application process when enrollment opens.  

I run one round of this program (depending upon request) each year starting in September:


Meeting via Zoom weekly each Tuesdays, 5-7pm (mountain)

For specific dates:

Contact Olivia

I just wanted to update you on results from working with you. Since then has been MAJOR business transition!


I can definitely feel the guide change. 

I am quitting my office, and primarily working from home. Focusing on phone sessions and trainings and video classes. I know this is the right path because it is happening easily! No stress. My scheduling has even been better and over all my organization has been better. Thank you! :) 


– Sarah N.

It's time to pivot


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