It's Time For You To Think With Your Heart In Your Business


It is your divine birthright to have a thriving Soul-Aligned Business that you truly LOVE, attracting ideal heart centered and Soul-Aligned Clients, that helps the world evolve and grow in amazing ways. 


Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs get stuck chasing a certain level of success, outside of themselves, they believe their business will provide because they’ve lost their connection to their Soul Purpose/Heart of Their Business and/or chased others versions of what it means to be successful. 


They’ve lost touch with their truth and learned not to trust that wise and loving voice inside.​  

This disconnection from Soul Purpose & Heart in business comes at a cost...

  • Constant stress and worry when business doesn't look a certain way

  • Competition and/or jealousy to be better than others

  • Extreme pressure to stay in the know or catch the latest trend

  • Switching out business strategies left and right when they fail to deliver in the amount of time you expected

  • Running to keep up with the day to day demands of your business

  • No time to grow and create the longterm transformations your clients need from you

  • Seeing your community as numbers instead of people with dreams and hearts

  • Avoiding, catastrophizing or playing the part instead of being 100% true to who you are at the core

Which leads to...

  • Burnout

  • Shutting down your business

  • Health crisis

All because you learned to listen to the voice inside that said...

  • You're not good enough/are a fraud

  • Stay ahead of the pack

  • Life and business are hard​

There is another voice...your True/Divine Self and your Soul & Business Guides in Spirit...  

Who are here to tell you there is an EASIER and LOVE filled way to run your business that has been pre-planned for you to experience in this lifetime. 

Get a sneak peak of my work with professional clients....


Click below to listen to an interview I was on with Amazon Best-Selling Author and Executive Leadership Consultant and Coach, Molly McGrath, on her Podcast, Hiring & Empowering Solutions, ​entitled; How to Adjust, Trust and Manage Your Energy to Cultivate, Preserve and  WIN Professional Relationships:

Experience More Fulfillment & Ease In Your Business

Through Activating It's 5D Business Soul Plan! 


It's time for you to give back to the world in the Big Heart-Centered & Soul Ways you came down here to do and activate your 5D business, which wants you to:


Think with your heart, instead of your mind

Step into LOVE and support, instead of fear and lack

Connect with your Soul-Aligned community, instead of just "making ends meet"


That's why I've lovingly crafted this 4 month group program to help lay a strong foundation of LOVE in your business, which creates:


  • Next-Level Income

  • Ideal Clients

  • Better Client Transformations

  • Deeply Rewarding Experiences your Soul desires for you

  • Future Aligned Partnerships and bigger Soul-Filled Transformational Experiences down the line​


Join me, if you're feeling called to:

  • Align to the freedom within your business by releasing others opinions & following your Soul Truths​​​

  • Open to more joy through honoring your Soul's Vision for contributing to the world in a meaningful way​

  • Create more balance by listening to your Heart & doing only what you truly LOVE

  • Build your confidence through connecting to & working with your Business's Spiritual Support Team​

  • Know the next steps you need to take in your business by aligning to it's bigger Soul Mission​​​

  • Feel alive and passionate about your work through connecting to the Heart of Your Business

Your 'LOVE Your Business' 4-Month Journey...


Step your business into the creative energy of LOVE and learn to work directly with your Soul’s Business Plan, your Heart, Akashic Records and Business Guides in spirit, along with powerfully Transformative Intuitive 5D Business Approaches to anchor in your company's Soul Success. 

Over the course of your 4 month journey, receive 10, 90 min Group 5D Business Coaching Sessions on the following topics:



LOVE Your Business Reboot #1  - LOVE Your Business’s Soul Mission

Learn what your business's High Heart Plan is

& the big difference it makes in the evolution of this planet

Activate your 5D Business Plan, spiritual guidance,

grace & divine timing so you don’t have to work as hard.


LOVE Your Business Reboot #2 – LOVE Your Business’s Spiritual Support

& 5D Soul Strengths

Guarantee your success in fulfilling your Business’ 5D Soul Mission

Release 3D areas of your business not in alignment to it's 5D Template

& align your business to what you truly LOVE.


LOVE Your Business Reboot #3 - Clear Blocks To 5D Success

Move your business forward with ease

Clear Soul Blocks in your work, home and relationships

& heal any Heart/Mind fractures to easily move your 5D Business forward.


LOVE Your Business Reboot #4 – LOVE & Attract Your Ideal 5 Star Clients

Manifest Soul-Aligned Business Relationships

Learn a simple 5D tool to identify Soul-Aligned Clients

& turn on your offerings to easily magnetize them to you.


LOVE Your Business Reboot #5 – LOVE Your Business’s Lifecycle

Receive a 5D Business Roadmap

Get excited about the road ahead - easily navigate the stage you’re in,

maintain focus & activate the most positive outcomes in 5D.


LOVE Your Business Reboot #6 – Activate The 5D Financial Freedom You'll LOVE

Expand your company's 5D Money Ceiling

Understand money from a 5D vantage point, activate the energetic systems 

to easily create solid containers for money to flow to you & your business.


LOVE Your Business Finale – Celebrate Your Journey

Receive your keys to success & happiness in 5D

Receive a 5D Soul Tool to continually embrace happiness,

releasing the need to overwork or escape.

'LOVE Your Business'

4 Month Group Program!

Your 'LOVE Your Business' Group Program Includes...


10, 90 min, Group 5D Business Coaching Sessions - ($3,500 value)

6-Step 'LOVE Your Business' System, Energetic Soul Tools & Action Plan - ($1,900 value)

to create deep soul connection and positive change in your business

Unlimited Text & Email Access to Me & Your Spirit Guides - ($2,500 value)

through the duration of the program - to check in, receive intuitive support and answer any questions

Recordings of all Group Sessions - ($100 value)

with energy downloads to re-energize you anytime you listen

'Love Your Business' Facebook Group

to stay connected and share your wins

Total Value: $8,000

Your Investment: $6,000​

or 4 payments of $1,700


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If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources.

Have any questions?  Email me. 

"I had no idea what to expect from our Intuitive Guidance Business Coaching Session together, but wow,

what a difference it has made!  I just wanted to update you on results from our session.  

Since then has been MAJOR business transition! I can definitely feel the guide change.  

I am quitting my office, and primarily working from home.  Focusing on phone sessions and trainings and video classes.  

I know this is the right path because it is happening easily! No stress.  

My scheduling has even been better and over all my organization has been better.  Thank you! :)"  – Sarah N.


“Olivia is a great role model and inspiration in this industry, and for me personally on my healing path.  

I just wanted to thank you for such a helpful and healing Transformational Business Intuitive Session last week.

When I got in the car after our session, I had a text from a friend asking for my website for another friend.

A few days later someone emailed me out of the blue asking if I taught reiki classes!! 

I've been feeling much more empowered and positive after laying out such specific business plans with you.

I emailed all my clients about my upcoming price change, and it felt really good.

You are incredible at what you do!  Thank you!"​​ - Megan S.

Read more testimonials from some of the wonderful clients I've worked with in the past here

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