These are not your typical 

"run of the mill" metaphysical classes...


Since 2010, I've created & taught unique certification systems & 

metaphysical classes channeled directly from spirit to over 500 Empaths

using my 'True Self Method' as the unique framework,

which creates life-changing transformation.

If you're ready to go beyond certification

& step into your Soul Mission...

Scroll down & join me.



I have attended several classes led by Olivia, both in person and virtually, over the last few years. Her classes never disappoint!


I appreciate how organized her lessons are and how enjoyable she makes each class. Through Olivia's classes I have learned so much about myself and have been gifted with many tools to enhance my spiritual practice. 

-Jennifer S.

As an Empath, embracing your Intuitive & Healing Gifts is essential to living a life you LOVE...

That's why classes where you can be free to explore your soul gifts in a safe and down to earth environment are so important to your growth.


The classes you see below have been honed over the years to specifically teach Empaths and their unique needs using my True Self Method to create the confidence needed to step into their Soul Mission.


I keep class sizes small so you receive the individual attention and hands on practice you need to quickly step into your gifts. 

I schedule the majority of the classes you see below throughout the year (click to check upcoming classes through my "events" tab).


I've turned my Reiki and Akashic Certifications into 4-month LIVE group programs, so you get the time, attention and community you need. 


*If you don't see a class scheduled...


Email me to inquire & get on the waiting list for the next round. 


(all meet through Zoom)

Akashic for Empaths - Levels 1-4


Supercharge your path & quantumly manifest your life! Read the Records, work in other dimensions & clear blocks throughout time.

Great for those who feel a calling to read the Records with integrity.

Email me for the next  round of Akashic Reader for Empaths (levels 1-4) 4-Month Group Program...

*Level 1 is now available as an online course - click to purchase.

Reiki for Empaths - 

Levels 1-3


Become a Reiki Master &  align your entire life - activate your healing abilities, connect to your truth & supercharge your spiritual growth!

Great for those who want to learn Reiki intuitively.


Email me for the next  round of Reiki for Empaths (levels 1-3) 4-month Group Program...

*Master Teacher & Karuna Reiki (levels 1-3) scheduled separately

Dowsing in 5D

Basic - Advanced

Expand your intuition, heal issues & in the advanced class, learn a dowsing system to clear issues & open doors to a life you LOVE!

Great for those having a hard time trusting their intuition & need clarity. 

Earth Healing


This is the goodie for all you Earth Healer Empaths here to work with Mother Earth - learn to identify & clear the 19 major land imbalances without expending your own energy or becoming drained!

Great for those who feel a calling to help the world evolve & want to learn how to help Mother Earth through clearing spaces, big & small.

Activate Your 

Intuitive Clair's 

It's time to activate your 4 clair's of clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance & clairsentience & step into being an intuitive reader.

Great for those starting out in opening their gifts & ready to supercharge their life.

Crystal Intuitive & Healer Certification

Crystals are calling you cause you're a Crystal Embassador!  Open your gifts with communicating with the mineral kingdom, work intuitively with all crystals, access their Akashic Records & become a certified crystal healer!

Great for those who are super drawn to crystals & the earth & who want to take it to the next level.

From her first class I was so impressed with Olivia’s professional teaching style

coupled with creativity and compassion.


It’s my understanding that Olivia is an artist and professional educator as well.  Her background in education

coupled with her heightened intuitive nature

helps create an energizing and enlightening environment

that facilitates learning and enrichment.


- Cathi B.


My wife again purchased a class for me with Olivia, this time regarding crystals.


I’ve long had a connection to minerals, but in only two days time I have deepened my connection to not only these little wonders,but to the Divine as well. 


– Rob C.

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