Step Into Your New Earth

Intuitive & Healing Abilities!


Reconnect to Your New Earth Superpowers...

Master the Akashic Records Through Your True Self Channel

become a professional reader - (levels 1-3)

Level 1 is now an online to purchase


Manifest on this New Earth using Your Quantum Heart

create with your Empathic Lightworker Superpowers & True Self as your guide

Now an online to purchase

Open Your Usui & Karuna Reiki Channels through Your True Self

strengthen your connection to your True Vibration - (levels 1-4)


Learn to Pendulum Dowse on this New Earth

start trusting yourself again - (beg. - adv.)


Become a Crystal Healer Connected to the New Frequency on this Earth

deepen your connection to the mineral kingdom

Expand Your Intuitive & Healing Abilities in Your New Human Form

through your four intuitive Clair's


Help Humanity Release the Energetic Debris it's Left on this Earth

through my unique Earth Healing Process

Receive Answers to Your Questions

in my group readings channeling, The Councils of Light

From her first class I was so impressed with Olivia’s professional teaching style coupled with creativity and compassion.


It’s my understanding that Olivia is an artist and professional educator as well.  Her background in education coupled with her heightened intuitive nature helps create an energizing and enlightening environment

that facilitates learning and enrichment.


- Cathi B.

Choose Your Path...

I run various classes throughout the year.

If you don't see what you're looking for above, please let me know...

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