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You're a natural healer...


Everywhere you go, you attract people to you who need comforting and healing.

You've walked in this way since you were a small child.

Now you're feeling the call to expand your gifts in a more conscious way and really learn what you can do.

You're ready to become an integrity-filled healer and Reiki has either started calling out to you to:


  • Complete and/or up-level the Reiki training you already received earlier in your life

  • Or compliment your already-honed energy healing gifts by learning Reiki

If you're ready to become an Empowered Empathic Reiki Master...Join me!

  • Relieve stress, improve sleep, relax & appreciate the world around you

  • Open your intuition to know your soul's purpose & gain clarity in your life

  • Shift your life & grow on your spiritual path

  • Help yourself & others feel better & radiate healing energy out into the world

  • Strengthen your immune system & release the blocks holding you back




"Reiki" is a Japanese word, which translates to Universal Life Force Energy.  It's an intelligent & deeply loving energy, flowing from your True Self & Source, which aligns, harmonizes, heals & integrates.

My approach to teaching Reiki...

I've been giving Reiki sessions since 2010 and teaching all levels of Non-Traditional Usui & Karuna Reiki to Empathic Lightworkers since 2012.  


I was attuned twice to all four levels of Reiki from two different teachers and love the energy of Reiki - its loving, compassionate and unifying nature, which helps us live in this 3D world without taking on additional karma.

Reiki gets you on your soul path and quickly advances you, no matter what you're experiencing in your outer world - especially when combined with your True Self.

I've seen "miracles" happen with Reiki....chronic conditions healed, old patterns released, addictions ended and relationships healed.


But the most powerful thing I've experienced with this wonderful energy is the courage for us Empaths, to step into the life we were meant to live, without fear and with unwavering faith.

The foundation of my Reiki program is  empowering Empaths with Reiki through their True Self in all areas of their life, while creating an integrity-filled and heart centered Reiki practice.


I believe that Reiki is a deeply loving and powerfully transformative energy that requires regular practice and connection to your True Self to be understood and for your body to receive its benefits...

Therefore, I teach all three levels of Reiki over a three month span, with the support of an active community and weekly LIVE group calls where you get your questions answered and can walk the spiritual journey of Reiki together with your True Self, me and your peers by your side.


I value this time and attention to your process of integrating Reiki energy into your True Self and have seen the benefits of this True Self integration within in my students.


Learning from one another in class, integrating the depth in the material and receiving individualized attention all benefit from the levels being spread out in this way.





Helping Hands

Join an Integrity-Filled 

Group of Healers...


Activate Your Soul Mission

Expand Your Healing Gifts

Change Your Life


Reiki Level 1

  • Receive your Power Symbol

  • Give a self-treatment, clear spaces & give a session to another

  • Work with your Reiki guides & relay intuitive information during sessions

  • Learn how to create a professional practice 

  • Receive certification & Level 1 Attunement


Reiki Level 2

  • Receive your Mental/Emotional and Distance Symbols

  • Fully open your hand chakras, heal emotional issues & send Reiki from a distance

  • Work with a pendulum & clear spirits/entities/energetic blocks 

  • Receive certification & Level 2 Attunement


Reiki Level 3 (Master)

  • Receive your Master Symbol

  • Work with advanced healing,   intuitive tools & techniques

  • Claim your power & work as partners with the highest level beings & energies

  • Receive certification & Master Attunement

*NOTE: This is not Master Teacher level - that is scheduled separately after the program


Unique Empath Tools

  • How to give sessions without becoming drained

  • Identifying toxic clients & setting healthy boundaries in your practice 

  • Honoring your healing gifts  

  • Trusting yourself when working with difficult issues

Ethics of Being a Healer

  • How to be a neutral channel

  • Radiating LOVE in sessions

  • Honoring the choices of your clients

  • The legalities of being a professional healer

  • Healing without ego

  • Maintaining healthy boundaries


How to Set Up Your Professional Practice

  • The simple tech you need to maintain a professional practice

  • The intake forms I use that sets you apart from others

  • Knowing who you're here to serve,  your unique gifts, charging what you're worth & building a client list

Your 3-Month 'Reiki for Empaths' Program Includes...

  • 13, Weekly 2-hour Group Training Calls - day & time to be announced (all calls in mountain time & via Zoom) - NOTE: calls won't occur during major holiday weeks ($3,250 value)

  • Reiki Levels 1 - 3* Certification, video training modules, Usui Reiki Attunements for each level, PDF handouts & Professional Certification for each level ($1,550 value)


  • Special, 2-hour, "Check-In" Group Call After Program Ends - to see how you're doing & answer any questions you may have ($250 value)

  • Special, 1-hour, "Professional Practice Mentor Call with Olivia", have me by your side as you practice your first professional Reiki Session on another - scheduled at your convenience and when you're ready (redeem during or after the program ends) ($300 value)


  • Support & Community in our Private Community Group ($500 value)

  • Access to Olivia throughout your 3-month program - ask me anything 24/7 ($1,000 value)

  • Lifetime Access to all your content (training, PDFs, Group Call recordings), as well as future content (future group calls excluded) & Private Community Group ($700 value)


Total Value: $7,550


Your Price: 4 payments of $600

*Note: Level 4 Reiki Master Teacher - is a separate course


It's time to expand

Olivia is loving, compassionate,

accurate, and real.  


I have done reiki, readings, and all three levels of reiki certifications with Olivia.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reader/Reiki Master who only uses the highest vibrational energy. 


– Sarah N.

Space is limited


Now Taking Applications

I run one to two small group rounds of this program each year starting in January &/or June:

January 2022 Program Dates:

(all times mountain)


Meeting via Zoom weekly, Fridays, 12:30-2:30pm

* Start Date: Friday, January 21st, 12:30-2:30pm
* Q&A Call: Sunday, January 16th, 4-5pm
* Deadline: Monday, January 17th


(scroll below for application)

Questions?  RSVP to our Q&A call...

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