Copy of Copy of Copy of Rare Cosmic Even
Learn to read the Akashic Records for yourself & others in the comfort of your own home & at your own pace!
  • Open to your powerful Empathic Lightworker intuitive and transformative Soul Gifts

  • Connect back to the wisdom of your Soul and it's journey throughout physical incarnations (past lives, parallel lives, other dimensions) and in spirit (as the soul, spirit guides for others, in between lives and so on)

$375 (14 online training modules)
Copy of Copy of Copy of Rare Cosmic Even
Receive two NEW goodies channeled from The Councils of Light to jumpstart your 2020:
  • 2020 Report! Synopsis of the year, 11 Lightcodes Activations for 2020, 5 new 2020 5D Tools and much more! (17-page PDF)
  • New Year Meditation! - Receive messages from your True Self, the Being of Light that oversees decade transitions and your 2020 Spirit Guide and create your year! (25-minute MP3)
Step into your 5D life - activate your 5D energy system to work with Divine Timing, flow, ease and LOVE!
  • Align to Your 5D Energy System
  • Step Into Quantum No-Time
  • Step Out of 3D & Into 5D
Copy of Copy of Copy of Rare Cosmic Even
Open your intuition and learn to use a pendulum like a pro in this foundational practice!
  • Class Workbook PDF
  • 2 MP3 Guided Pendulum Clearing & Charging Meditations
Copy of Copy of Copy of Rare Cosmic Even
Move from Empath Survival Mode to Empowered Empathic Lightworker Quantum Creator!
  • 13 page Workbook PDF
  • 65 min MP3 of Live Class
  • 3 MP3 Guided Manifestation Tools

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