'Cosmic Heart Activation'

1 hour Akashic Reading

There Are Soul Aspects of You Waiting to be Reclaimed...

As an Empath, you've put aside important and powerful aspects of yourself so you could play this earth game, witness the injustices and believe the illusions in order to remember your truths, heal your life and teach others to do the same.

These aspects are your superpowers...

Which you're now able to reclaim & use to create a life you LOVE.

Each Cosmic Heart Activation Returns 1-2 Major Source Aspects


In order to create in this NEW EARTH


These sessions were specifically designed by my guides and myself

to help Empathic Lightworkers quickly remember who they truly are

and regain the hidden aspects they now need to SHINE their light out into the world.

Each Session Shifts Your Inner Vibration, so You Can...

Clear out illusions

& embody your empowered Truths to powerfully manifest.


healthy & genuinely loving Soul Mates to you with ease.

Turn on & expand your up-leveled intuitive & healing abilities upon this New Earth.

During Your Session, Anything IS Truly Possible...


During your sessions I receive information from your Universal Akashic Records -


The record of your Soul’s journey on earth and beyond throughout different universes. 



Facilitating your reading from this perspective allows you to... 

Shift quickly & easily out of past pain & drama

& into the life your True Self & Source wants you to have.



Since you're in the presence of your Source's Light and it flows to you during the reading, anything is truly possible and magic happens.

Every client has experienced this magical shift during readings.

Isn't it time you did as well?

Your 'Cosmic Heart Activation' Akashic Reading Includes...

Answers to Your Questions & Transformational Wisdom

from the perspective of your Soul and it's journey throughout universes


A Unique Cosmic Heart Activation Directly from Your Source

regain 1-2 lost Source Aspects, now needed & come into wholeness,

reclaim your Superpowers and activate a life you LOVE


An MP3 Recording of The Reading

emailed to you with energy downloads from your Spirit Guides

1 hour, 'Cosmic Heart Activation' Akashic Reading

Your Investment: $300

all sessions via phone or Zoom

Next Steps...


  1. Book & prepay for your session using the link above (you will be able to specify your preference for Zoom or phone session).

  2. Once you're all set, I'll call you or we'll meet via Zoom at the appointed time and you'll be reunited with your truth!

"Olivia is such a beautiful person that makes her clients feel totally comfortable.  

am blessed to have received the information she gave me from my Akashic reading. Thank you so much!" – Lisa L.

"My Akashic Reading was powerful and comforting. 

She dove right into the reading, and I felt a wave of love and peace come over me that stayed for the rest of the day.  

I’m still in awe of what my guides had to say.  Olivia is talented and very connected to the Universe.  

I feel blessed by the encouragement of my guides, and for choosing Olivia to convey their message.”– Kelly F.

"The Akashic Readings have opened up new ideas and possibilities, and most important to me, getting closer to the truth. 

Thank you Olivia for being a bright light and a friend.  I sense the warmth, kindness, and spark that you share

from the core of who you are.  I am excited for future sessions together.  Thank you!” – Bill L.

Read more testimonials from some of the wonderful clients I've worked with in the past here

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