With the rise in individual awakening and the current events unfolding, my 12D guides are letting me know…

It’s time.

If you're a Reiki Master Starseed ready to activate your 'Diamond Sun Body'...

 Receive high-vibe Solar DNA Attunements/Activations

Regain TRUE healing in your New Lightbody

Align with the Core of the Earth & Her Consciousness

 Step into your divine Diamond Sun Body 

Join Our Community

 & let your unique Sun SHINE!

Receive the assistance to awaken the next level of your Divine Human Template's Diamond Sun Body!  Let the unique Lightcodes from Source, channeled through the Sun, initiate you into the magic and light of what it truly means to be alive...

Your Diamond Sun Body Membership Includes...

Channeled Monthly "DNA Strand Activation Reports" - value $70/month

Activate and up-level each of your Divine DNA strands (one each month) from

The 12D Councils of Light, The 12D Arcturians, The 12D Sirians and The 12D Guardians of The Central Sun

Each report outlines the current DNA upgrade with a specific lightcode activation and attunement (video or MP3)

2 per Month, 2-hour LIVE Zoom Group Calls - value $200/month

Expand upon the information in our private community, learn/practice new tools, stay aligned to who you really are

and receive channeled messages and insights two times each month - Sundays, 10-noon (mountain)

Quarterly, 3.5 hour LIVE Zoom Group Healing Circles - value $150/month

Every three months receive an inspired LIVE healing from the group to help you recharge and realign

to your newly up-leveled body

Our Private Community to Discuss - value $40/month

An inspiring community dedicated to your empowerment - receive

access to Olivia, discuss, share what you're experiencing and gain insights

FREE Subscription to "The New Earth Reports" - value $15/month

Access and receive all current and past New Earth Reports to stay abreast of the

current cycles of ascension energy hitting the planet

20% off All Store Products & Classes

Receive this discount on Reiki Charged Pendulums, MP3 Universal Akashic Series,

Vibrational Essences and scheduled classes (not including 4-month Programs) as an active member.

Access to Our Archives - value $50/month

All past DNA Strand Activation Reports and calls to reference and connect back with


Value: $525/month

YOUR PRICE: $210/month

(min 3-month commitment required)

To keep this group aligned to the principles of this sacred activation...

membership is based upon an application process:

Your human form...

Is one of the most important in the universe.

You hold massive amounts of creative energy within your body.

Yet, have only been able to live from a small fraction of this within your world. 

But that's about to change...

Have questions? Let's talk...

or email me...


Frequently asked questions

Who can join?

All members of this group are Certified Reiki Masters and consider themselves to be Starseeds. To make sure we have a strong community of active members, members are also required to attend all calls and have time to dive into the monthly material.

What can I expect with my Diamond Sun Body Activation?

When you activate your Diamond Sun Body, you step into your True Sovereignty as a human and rejoin the universal family once again. You're opening your ability to live in your true physical form, which we as women, really haven't experienced in its truest possible way. Expect more confidence as you get to know your body and how it relates to the world around you, your connection to the Divine and the realignment with true earth principles.

This process is unique to each individual. Through this membership, your journey will unfold as your soul contract intends. Some may experience truly life changing experiences and others may receive internal shifts that open new awareness just when is needed. If you're called to this membership, you're here for a much bigger reason and you've already gone through this membership in ready to walk through it in the physical. I can't wait to see how your journey unfolds!

Feel free to email me or book a free 20-minute consult call to see if this membership is the right fit for you.

Is there anything I need to know to attend the quarterly Healing Circles?

Since everyone in this membership is a Certified Reiki Master, all of the members attending the Healing Circle are required to participate, which means both giving and receiving during the 3.5 hour Zoom Call. To attend, you must be an active member for the previous 3 months before the day of the Healing Circle (have attended all calls and worked the material).

What if something comes up during my membership and I can't attend the calls anymore and need to cancel?

Cancellation of the membership is only available after 3-months of billing cycles have passed, so make sure you have the availability and time to stay active in your membership. Emergency situations will be considered as well. There are no refunds when canceling your membership.

How long is this membership?

To run through all 12 DNA activations, my guides and I have created a 12 month cycle for this membership. After the 12 months has passed, there will be a break and membership will be closed for a time, until we are ready to run a the next cycle. Each cycle expands upon the Original Divine 12 Strand DNA teachings, so you can continue to work the material and up-level through the new rounds of calls, which expand upon the materials.

When will this current membership cycle end?

This current Diamond Sun Body Membership is set to run from October 2021 - September 2022.

What if I miss joining in the beginning, can I jump in throughout the cycle?

Yes, you may become a member at any time and access past content to catch up.

How do I join, I don't see the pay button on this page?

To keep this group aligned to the principles of this sacred activation, membership is based upon an application process to join. Once you fill out the application, I will respond back within 48 hours letting you know whether you got in or not. If you are accepted, you will receive the link to pay and receive access.

Image by Kent Pilcher

Our Sun is in alignement now & ready to assist you in this embodiment.


Image by Mathieu Bigard

You've completed the inner work to prepare your body & DNA for this up-leveling to occur.

True Self

Image by Timothy Eberly

Humankind has requested this - the earth is massively awakening to its unlimited positive potential.


Diamond Sun Body Membership.png

What is your Diamond Sun Body?


The original 12-Strand DNA of the Angelic Human Template that flows to you through light codes emanating from our Sun (Sol).

A long long time ago, this template was removed, hijacked and kept from the human family in order to keep us controlled and confused.  This template removal, kept us from our ability to easily adapt and connect to Source and the changing environment of the planets we incarnated into.

This is what is coming back online, as humanity steps into a new level of FREEDOM.


 Receive high-vibe Solar DNA Attunements/Activations

Regain TRUE healing in your New Lightbody

Align with the Core of the Earth & Her Consciousness

 Step into your Divine Human Form


The Diamond Sun Body Event


Our civilization is undergoing a huge transition into a higher frequency physical body form...a New Earth Template.  To assist in this massive up-level certain events will be transpiring.

One such event is the rising of the Diamond Sun Body.  With large amounts of people activating their connection back to the Original 12-strand DNA 'composite', the ability to embody the next level of this Diamond Sun Body is underway.

This is why my 12D guides (who are the guardians for this human template) are coming forward now to help us activate and anchor this template within our bodies, community and the earth. We are creating a massive 'shift wave' upon this planet that will initiate a more balanced and harmonious transition period, as the old releases and the new emerges.