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 Expand Your Gifts Through Your Diamond Lightbody 

 Activate Your Diamond Sun Physical Body 

Align with the Core of the Earth & Her Consciousness 

 Easily Flow the Planetary Shifts Happening Now 


Your Diamond Sun

Membership Includes...



Channeled, Monthly, "Diamond Sun Reports"

(value $70/month)

Receive a special report just for our Diamond Sun Community with specific Lightcode Activations from your Diamond Sun, Body/DNA upgrades from Source and a special message to assist us as the planetary journey unfolds. Channeled from my Diamond Sun Guides. 

2 per Month, 2-hour LIVE Zoom Group Calls

(value $200/month)

Expand upon the information in the Diamond Sun Reports LIVE each month with our private community members and receive intuitive messages, aha's and insights.  Scheduled for two Sundays, 10-noon (mountain) each month.

Quarterly, 3.5 hour LIVE Zoom Group Healing Circles

(value $150/month)

Every three months, receive an inspired LIVE healing from the group to support you on your journey (see FAQ's section below for more information).

Our Private Community to Discuss

(value $40/month)

An aligned community dedicated to your empowerment - receive

access to Olivia, discuss, share what you're experiencing and up-level your gifts.

Access to Our Archives

(value $50/month)

Connect back to all past Diamond Sun Reports and call recordings.


Plus Added Perks:


FREE Subscription to "The New Earth Reports"

(value $35/month)

Access to all current and past New Earth Reports to stay abreast of

the ascension energy hitting the planet

20% off All Store Products & Classes

Discount applies to all Reiki Charged Pendulums, MP3 Universal Akashic Series,

Vibrational Essences and scheduled classes (not including 4-month Programs) as an active member.

Value: $545/month

YOUR PRICE: $210/month

(min 3-month commitment required)

To keep this group aligned,

membership is based upon an application process:

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Have questions? Let's talk...

or email me...

Frequently asked questions

Como e quando terei acesso ao meu material?

O material em PDF é enviado automaticamente para o e-mail cadastrado após a confirmação de pagamento. Compras via pix ou cartão de crédito a liberação é imediata. Compras feitas por boleto bancário, o prazo de liberação do material varia de 1 a 2 dias úteis, em virtude da compensação bancária.

Quais são as formas de pagamento?

Você poderá comprar no PIX, boleto ou no cartão de crédito, podendo parcelar em
até 12 vezes no cartão (sujeito a juros do cartão. Na hora da compra você
poderá simular o número de parcelas).

Posso compartilhar o material com outras pessoas?

NÃO! Os PDFs são protegidos por direitos autorais, dessa forma o ebook é de uso INDIVIDUAL, não sendo autorizado compartilhar com outras pessoas ou postar na internet, seja pelo Google Drive, torrent, mega, whatsapp, redes sociais ou quaisquer outros meios se classificam como ato de pirataria, conforme o art. 184 do Código Penal.

Image by Kent Pilcher

Our Sun is in alignement now & ready to assist you in this embodiment.


Image by Mathieu Bigard

You've completed the inner work to prepare your body & DNA for this up-leveling to occur.

True Self

Image by Timothy Eberly

Humankind has requested this - the earth is massively awakening to its unlimited positive potential.


Diamond Sun Body Membership.png

The Diamond Sun Event Is Underway!


The Earth is undergoing a major Divine Solar "Event" that's positively influencing our world.


It's an event that's been building since 2015...our Sun is now aligned to the Great Central Sun (Source & God Realms) in the center of our Universe.  As humanity awakens more and more, this alignment allows the Divine Lightcodes from Source to flow through the Sun, penetrate the veils of Earth and anchor into our hearts - upgrading our humanity.


  JOIN THE Event  
 Up-level your Intuitive & Healing Gifts, 
  with Source Codes channeled through the Sun -
  facilitate the collective LIGHT anchoring now... 


You're sensing you have an important role in all of this, but you're not sure what that is or how to do it in the face of such fearful and isolating times.


I'm here to remind you: you ARE here to assist humanity - just by BEing YOU & anchoring your LIGHT.

It's time...

Our planet is shifting...

The outmoded systems of 3D society are dismantling from the inside out.

And yet, your Inner World is up-leveling - new levels of awareness are coming into view.

Even through the outer chaos, you're noticing a shift - the earth is radiating a NEW frequency of LIGHT...