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 Reconnect to the Earth Through Your Diamond Lightbody 

 Activate Lightcodes within Your Diamond Sun Body 

Align with the Core of the Earth & Her Consciousness 

 Easily Flow the Source Timeline Planetary Grid  

Your Diamond Sun of the Earth

Membership Includes...



Weekly, Channeled Audio Meditations & Messages

(value $200/month)

Download the specific Lightcodes from The Diamond Sun of the Earth each week through my special MP3 meditations & messages channeled from my Diamond Sun of the Earth Guides found in our private group. 



Monthly, 2-hour LIVE Zoom Group Calls

(value $100/month)

Expand upon the information in the weekly audio content & community discussions LIVE each month - receive intuitive messages, aha's and insights - one Sunday, 10-noon (mountain) each month.

Our Private Community to Hold All Content & Discuss

(value $100/month)

An aligned community dedicated to your empowerment - receive access to Olivia & all membership content to discuss & share what you're experiencing.

Access to Our Archives

(value $100/month)

Connect back to all past Diamond Sun of the Earth MP3 Audios and Monthly Call Recordings.




FREE Premium Membership to "New Earth Reports!"

(value $95/month)

Attend our "Report Refresh" monthly Zoom Group call, access all current and past New Earth Reports & connect in our Premium Community - dive deeper into the ascension energy hitting the planet.

Value: $595/month

YOUR PRICE: $275/month

(to keep this group aligned, membership is based upon an application process)

Stay tuned...

Membership starts in 2023!


Fill out the application to hold your spot...


Have questions? Let's talk...

or email me...

Image by J Lee

The Original Source Timeline is anchoring now & ready to assist you in awakening your gifts.


Beautiful Landscape

You've completed the inner work to prepare your body & DNA to bring forth these Lightcodes.

True Self

Image by Nathan Ziemanski

The Earth is connecting you to her True Divine state of being within the universe & all of creation.


Diamond Sun of the Earth Membership(2).png

The Diamond Sun of the Earth...


Noun:  a "Sun" Portal within the core of the Earth that connects to Source


Lightcodes from the Diamond Sun of the Earth [deep inside the earth] are now penetrating the surface through the consciousness of Lightworkers assisting the anchoring of these new frequencies within the earth grid.


  JOIN THE Event  
 Assist the Earth in her Ascension by 
embodying Light Codes from the Earth's Diamond Sun - 
  facilitate the Original Source Timeline anchoring now... 


You're sensing you have an important role in all of this, but you're not sure what that is or how to do it in the face of such fearful and isolating times.


I'm here to remind you: you ARE here to assist humanity - just by BEing YOU & anchoring your LIGHT.

It's time...

Our planet is shifting...

The outmoded systems of 3D society are dismantling from the inside out.

And yet, your Inner World is up-leveling - new levels of awareness are coming into view.

Even through the outer chaos, you're noticing a shift - the earth is radiating a NEW frequency of LIGHT...

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