'Divine Body Scalar Wave'

90-Minute, Akashic +

12D Reiki Session

Create a Life You Truly LOVE!

LOVING Your Amazing Body the Way You Were Meant to...

As you open to higher levels awareness, on your spiritual journey, it’s important you:


  • Reclaim your True Physical Form

  • Embody your Divine essence within your beautiful body

  • Let your body's wisdom activate within your life



Your True Physical Form Embodies Your...

En-JOY your life connected to your infinite supply of Source LOVE within you

Feel amazing in your physical form as your True Divine Body

Live in the present, embody the higher purpose of challenges and release the past

Activate Your Superpowers of Making Magic in this New Earth!


It’s now aligned, through this evolution of consciousness happening on this earth,

to really LOVE your life and your body – at a whole new level!


The way it was originally intended to be.


Scalar Waves Are Your Magic MOJO....


Scalar Waves are naturally occurring, high-dimensional unconditional LOVE frequencies, which easily reconnect you to your:


  • Original Divine Blueprint (True Divine Body)

  • 12-Strand Divine DNA

  • Divine Source



Once activated, they…


Expand, heal and regenerate

your cells, body and DNA indefinitely and at a quantum level


Become a frequency you naturally Shine

as your True Empowered Self

When you embody your True Physical Form as an Empathic Lightworker, your Scalar Waves easily ignite and let go of…


  • Other people's energies and emotions, which keep you in survival mode

  • Negative collective programming designed to make your empowerment feel unattainable

  • False ego identities, which generate fear, lack and pain


Join me in a session and find out for yourself!

Your 'Divine Body Scalar Wave' Session Includes...


45 Min, 'Cosmic Heart Activation' Akashic Reading (click to learn more...)

Gain answers to your questions, understand the higher purpose

of your experiences & easily release fear from your cells

45 Min, 12D Reiki 'Divine Blueprint Activation' Session (click to learn more...)

Lovingly reconnect and realign to your empowered True Physical Form

& infinite Source Energy, so you can truly Shine

Unique Messages & Activations From Your True Self,

Spirit Guides and Akashic Records

and my Arcturian Healing Guides to help you step into

your empowerment and create a life you LOVE!

MP3 Recording of Session

emailed to you, with energy downloads to re-energize you anytime you listen​


90 min, 'Divine Scalar Wave' Session

Your Investment: $450

all sessions via phone or Zoom

Receive 2, 'Divine Scalar Wave' Sessions/month

$675/month (save $270)

+ Spark Your Week!

when you enroll in 'New Earth Artistry' subscription

Next Steps...


  1. Book & prepay for your session using the link above (you'll be able to specify Zoom or phone preference).

  2. Once you're all set, I'll call you or we'll meet via Zoom at the appointed time and you step into your True Form!

“Olivia’s wisdom, knowledge, and connection to the Divine

give me the support I really need." – Sunny U.

"I had some powerful things occur during my session and Olivia never left my side. 

She is truly gifted, and a wonderful person." - Lisa K.

Read more testimonials from some of the wonderful clients I've worked with in the past here

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