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Step Up Into Empowerment in Your Business

Release your business from the pitfalls and tricky self-sabotaging behaviors keeping you in Empath Survival Mode.


When you and your business are stuck in Empath Survivor Mode, you're in an endless cycle of looking to the outside world (clients, money coming in, spouse, friends, etc.) to validate your worth.

Which leads to becoming more and more negatively affected by the normal high's and low's in business.  


Staying in Empath Survival Mode in your business has its consequences, as you begin to:

  • Doubt yourself and your abilities

  • Attract toxic clients and situations

  • Become so disheartened it's easy to quit

But, there is another path...


Through monthly group topics, tools and interactive discussions,

you'll align your business to your Empathic Lightworker Empowered Mode, where you easily...

Get clear on who you truly are in your business

& finally stop chasing validation & worth through "proving yourself"


Activate more peace in your business

by connecting back to your True Self & Source


Open to more LOVE of being out in the world

through activating your bigger Soul Purpose in your business


Create more aligned opportunities & clients in your business 

& easily say yes to only those things that bring you LOVE & joy 


Build your confidence

& know what you're capable of through connecting to your Inner Wisdom


Feel more alive & passionate

by living without the fears & subconscious programs holding you back​

Your Empathic Lightworker Business Group Comes With...


Become a Member (wherever you are) and receive:


One, 2-3 hour Business Group Meeting per month

via Zoom or in-person at my office


PDF Worksheets Based on the Monthly Topic

to help you create a business you LOVE


True Self Wisdom to Help You Quickly Shift

filled with amazing aha's and openings into easily creating your business


High-Vibe MP3 Meeting Recordings

filled with energy downloads that activate each time you listen


Access our Special Member's Site

to share your wins and gain support

Total Value: $300/month

Your Investment: $175/month​

If you're interested, but have the normal Empath fears,

I invite you to contact me and see if it's a good fit for you.

Or Jump In & Become a Member!


Monthly Membership
Every Month
Step out of Empath Survival Mode
& into Empathic Lightworker in your business!
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to make payment and access our member's site)
Unlimited access to all Monthly Meetings, Worksheets, MP3's, Member's Site & Support
By subscribing you agree that: The information provided by Olivia Lundberg is for your personal use only and you will not share it with others in anyway.  This subscription renews each month, you may cancel at anytime and there are no refunds.

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