LOVE Your Life Through Activating Your Bigger Soul Purpose!


You're an adventurous spirit - curious, wonderous, generous and funny.


But most importantly you feel a deeper calling in the world.  To give back and at the same time receive.


You've been searching... yearning to break your glass ceiling, grow and learn in new ways.

You've talked to others, emulated what works for them, but somehow, it hasn't ever been able to fit easily into your life and you haven't seen the happiness they have.


You're ready to grow into a beautiful version of yourself.


The 'future you' who has what it takes to live the life you have been feeling like is on the tip of your tongue, but haven't seen materialize yet.   

Isn't it time to give yourself the permission to step out into your amazing self and create the life you know you're meant to live?  One you absolutely LOVE...


It's time to break free of the doubts that have been keeping you stuck:


  • Can I really do it?  

  • Am I worth it?  ​


I'm here to say YES you can!


You ARE worth living a life you LOVE.

Gain Confidence In Your Ability To Reach For Your Dreams​


Activate your Soul Purpose throughout your life and learn easy and powerful intuitive and energetic tools to shift into a life you LOVE! 

Confidently step into the real you

Expand your notion of what's possible

Attract Soul-Aligned relationships

LOVE your life

and much more...


It's time to take stock of where you’ve been and where you’re going, connect back to your Soul and it’s wisdom and reconnect to the support you have in the Universe.

This program is a Soul guided step-by-step process that is the culmination of all the wisdom I’ve learned helping thousands of clients transform their lives through reconnecting with their Intuition, Heart and Soul Purpose.


Move yourself into a deeper, more fulfilling way of living with Soul-Aligned Tools that truly make a huge difference and quickly create grace and miracles.


You deserve a life you LOVE:

  • More confidence.

  • Loving relationships.

  • Deeper connection to the Universe who loves and supports you, without having to do it all yourself.​

Get clear on what makes you happy

& finally stop chasing happiness outside yourself


Activate more peace in your life

by connecting back to your Soul


Open to more LOVE

through activating your Soul Purpose throught your life


Create more balance 

& easily say yes to only that things that bring LOVE and joy into your life


Build your confidence

& know what you're capable of through connecting to your Spiritual Support Team


Feel more alive & passionate

by easily living your bigger Soul Purpose



'LOVE Your Life' 3-Month Journey...


Open to your bigger Soul Mission, meet your Soul and Spirit Guides and embody your deep Soul Strengths and unique gifts on this 3 month journey of activating a life you LOVE everyday...



Over the course of your 3 month journey, receive 8, 90 min, Group Sessions on the following topics:


LOVE Your Life Secret Sauce #1  - LOVE Your Soul Mission

Understand why you've incarnated and the amazing difference you make in the evolution of this planet

Realize the major soul purpose you possess that no one else does.


LOVE Your Life Secret Sauce #2 – LOVE Your Spiritual Support & Soul Strengths

Guarantee your success in fulfilling your soul mission

M​eet your Soul Purpose Spirit Guides and Soul Aspects

and learn to work with them.


LOVE Your Life Secret Sauce #3 - LOVE Two Foundational Areas of Your Life That Keep You Stuck

Move forward with ease

Re-write past scripts, false beliefs and stuck emotions easily

with your Spiritual Support Team.


LOVE Your Life Secret Sauce #4 – LOVE Your Story From The Lens Of Your Soul

Transform your story into a life you LOVE

Meet your Future Self and release regret so you can love all aspects of your life.

LOVE Your Life Secret Sauce #5 – Receive A Roadmap

Get clear on where you want to go and where you're headed

Step into your Soul-Aligned Path and expand your notions of who you can become.


LOVE Your Life Secret Sauce #6 – LOVE Your Relationships

Manifest the relationships you really want

Identify Soul-Aligned Individuals and easily magnetize them to you.


LOVE Your Life Putting It All Together – LOVE Your Journey

Receive your keys to Soul success & happiness

Take stock of your before and after - remember where you started in this program,

the breakthroughs you've made and how your life has magically transformed through this process.

'LOVE Your Life'

3 Month Group Program!

Your 'Empath to Empathic Lightworker' Program Includes...


6, 90 Min, Private Akashic Coaching/12D Reiki 'Divine Blueprint Activation' Sessions - ($2,700 value)

1 per month just for you to create deep soul connection and positive change in your life

Weekly, 90 Minute Group Calls - ($2,400 value)

answer questions & receive a healing Empathic Lightworker group meditation/activation

5 Module Empath to Empowered Empathic Lightworker Online Course - ($597 value)

to create deep soul connection and positive change in your life

4 Module True Self Dowsing for Discernment & Healing Online Course - ($275 value)

to create deep soul connection and positive change in your life

True Self Akashic for Spiritual Wisdom Online Course - ($275 value)

to create deep soul connection and positive change in your life

True Self Reiki for Self Care Online Course - ($275 value)

to create deep soul connection and positive change in your life

3 Module True Creatorship New Earth Manifesting Online Course - ($367 value)

to create deep soul connection and positive change in your life

Q&A Email Access to Me - ($200 value)

through the duration of the program - to check in and answer any questions (3-4 short questions/week)

Recordings of All Group & Private Sessions - ($100 value)

with energy downloads to re-energize you anytime you listen

Private Facebook Group

to stay connected, receive support and share your wins

Total Value: $7,189

Your Investment: $4,500​

or $2,250 + 6 payments of $375

or $750 + 6 payments of $700


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We'll schedule your program, talk about what you're going through and how you'd like this program to be tailored to your needs.  Then you'll have your first group session and the magic begins!

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If you decide to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started.

If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources.

Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation 20 minute program consult call.

Have any questions?  Email me. 

"Every interaction with Olivia has exceeded expectation." - Bill L.

"Olivia coached and supported me through a difficult experience, helped open me up to my own clarity

and taught me how to trust my own intuition." - Jennifer G.

Read more testimonials from some of the wonderful clients I've worked with in the past here

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