Learn How To Manifest

With Your Soul in 5D

Make Your Dreams A Reality Using New 5D Manifesting Tools!


The rules of the manifesting game are shifting!  No longer are we bound by the laws of Cause and Effect. 


We're at an amazing time on this earth where we're now able to manifest multi-dimensionally with our 5D Soul Manifesting Tools.  


Come join me in my Live Video Course, 6 Week Manifest Your Soul's Desire!, and stop manifesting from a place of survival, fear and limitation.


You've stepped up and into a life you LOVE and deserve to up your manifesting game as well.  Learn how easy and empowering it is to manifest through unity, compassion and freedom, with your Heart, God Self and LOVE as your new Guides!


Join me from the comfort of your own home with other wonderful like-minded individuals and...

Supercharge your ability to manifest using an amazing 5D manifesting process I received from my Spirit Guides, The Councils of Light, which has been a game changer for both my clients and myself.


Why Learn A New Process For Manifesting?

As you walk your spiritual journey and access more of your multi-dimensional self, your manifesting abilities also upgrade.  

You’re literally driving a whole new vehicle now with amazing new features and your guides are urging you to take a moment and learn how to work with them.


This Information Is Only Available For A Limited Time...

This information has only been available to my premium one-on-one Akashic Coaching clients...until now.

My guides told me to offer it in this format so more people like you can learn this valuable process at a time when your body has fully shifted into being able to live in a multi-dimensional reality.


There IS an easier way to manifest that steps out of the limitations of this 3D earth plane and utilizes higher dimensional tools at your disposal now.

Come join me and learn how!


Your 6-Week 5D Manifesting Journey...



Activate a life you truly love
• Meet your Manifesting Guide & attune to the vibration of LOVE
• Create a Soul Desire Manifesting List connected to your Soul Truths



Re-route your energy system to create in 5D
• Align your heart to magnetize what you want
• Open the door to easily receive what you're manifesting


Week 3: NEW SOUL TOOL #3 - GOD

Step into abundance and free yourself from perfection and control
• Heal your relationship with God and meet your Creator God Self
• Learn a powerful tool to take only aligned actions



Align to your Divine Template, which knows what you’ve come here to create and why
• Clear five key Soul Blocks to manifesting in 5D
• Learn how to ask the right questions to move out of self-judgment



Step into flow and release the illusions holding you back
• Walk in complete confidence and trust
• Learn the truth about fear and release it once and for all



Expand and open the door to more
• Celebrate your successes, check-in and keep the energy running

Each Week You’ll:

  • Meet together via Zoom​

  • Receive an attunement/meditation to easily work with your new manifesting system

  • Meet & receive messages from your Manifesting Spirit Guides

  • Learn important tools to shift your life

  • Be given homework to speed up your manifestations

  • Receive support and feedback to better help you understand what you’re experiencing

  • Have access to a community of like-minded individuals to share insights and grow with

  • Receive PDF’s of all handouts and materials


Your Investment: 

$739 (or two payments of $425)


Registration Is Now CLOSED...


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