Office Rental +

Empathic Lightworker Monthly Business Group...

Welcome To Your Space To Create Your Empowered Business!

Enjoy your fully furnished and turn-key office:

  • Getting clear

  • Stepping out into your light

  • Working your gifts in your private high-vibe space 

  • Attending monthly transformational Empathic Lightworker Business Group meetings with an amazing community of like-minded Empathic Lightworkers, like yourself!

Meet Your High-Vibe & Aligned Office Space...

*Choose from 1 or 2 days/week and a 4, 6, 9 months or 1 year lease.


I have two offices for rent in my building, which I’ve designed to help your practice thrive.

Free of clutter and infused with the high vibrational qualities of Sun and Air energy.​


Specifically for those just starting out in their business as an Empathic Lightworker here to make a bigger impact in the evolution of consciousness in this world and in need of office space that supports their mission as a:

Energy healer

Massage therapist



Or any other profession here to help & empower others

Both Offices Come With...


Empathic Lightworker Monthly Business Group - included in rent

(Valued at $300/month)

Massage Table    |    Pillow   |   Bolster   |   Disposable Face Rest Covers   |   Sheet & Blankets

Crystals   |   Salt Lamp   |   Essential Oil Diffuser   |   Essential Oils   |   Smudging Feather

Electric Kettle   |   Mugs   |   Clipboard   |   Coat Hooks   |   Clock   |   Heat/AC

Client Chair   |   Desk & Chair   |   Mirror   |   Ample Non-Fluorescent Lighting

Blue Tooth Speaker   |   Free Internet   |   Additional Seating



Approximately 85 square feet


(includes business group)


1 day/week: $175/month

2 days/week: $235/month

Great For...


Inspired and expansive

one-on-one sessions



Approximately 145 square feet


(includes business group)


1 day/week: $235/month

2 days/week: $325/month

Great For...


Enlightening one-on-one & family sessions, workshops & classes


Receive Support Through My Very Special

Empathic Lightworker Monthly Business Group!

(included in your rent, just for you)


Moving from disempowerment and fear to empowerment and confidence, as you align your business, requires support.


And this group is specifically designed to do just that.


Addressing the unique needs of Empaths in business, this group is specifically designed by my guides and I to help you release your business from the pitfalls and tricky self-sabotaging behaviors keeping you in Empath Survival Mode.


When you and your business are stuck in Empath Survivor Mode, you're in an endless cycle of looking to the outside world (clients, money coming in, spouse, friends, etc.) to validate your worth.

Which leads to becoming more and more negatively affected by the normal high's and low's in business.  


Staying in Empath Survival Mode in your business has its consequences, as you begin to:

  • Doubt yourself and your abilities

  • Attract toxic clients and situations

  • Become so disheartened it's easy to quit

But, there is another path...


Through monthly group topics, tools and interactive discussions,

you'll align your business to your Empathic Lightworker Empowered Mode, where you easily...

Get clear on who you truly are in your business

& finally stop chasing validation & worth through "proving yourself"


Activate more peace in your business

by connecting back to your True Self & Source


Open to more LOVE of being out in the world

through activating your bigger Soul Purpose in your business


Create more aligned opportunities & clients in your business 

& easily say yes to only those things that bring you LOVE & joy 


Build your confidence

& know what you're capable of through connecting to your Inner Wisdom


Feel more alive & passionate

by living without the fears & subsconscious programs holding you back​



Make This Yours...

  • Choose from 4,6,9 months or 1 year lease.

  • Terminate your lease and business group at anytime, with 30 days written notice.

  • Come into the group and rent space (if available) at any time and start with that month’s group topic and handouts.

  • All group meetings are recorded, so if you miss a meeting you can listen to it at anytime.

  • Zoom into a group session via live video, so when you're feeling drained, you can still attend in your PJ’s.

  • Access the Business Group Member's Site  where you can share resources, wins, challenges and questions that come up throughout the month.




There are only 7-8 spots available for this opportunity, which open up throughout the year.

If you're interested, even though you have the normal Empath fears,

I invite you to contact me and see if it's a good fit for you.

Next Steps


1. Contact me through the links above and we’ll see if it's a good fit for you and if space is available.

2. If it's a go, we'll schedule a time for you to come see the spaces in person and move forward.

3. Enjoy your new office and monthly business group and step into the freedom that awaits!

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