Meet Your High-Vibe

Office Space...

Welcome To Your Fully Furnished & Turn-Key Office!

Are you an established energy healer, massage therapist, nutritionist or intuitive here to make a bigger impact in the evolution of consciousness in this world and in need of office space that supports your mission?

If so, you've come to the right place!

I have two offices for rent in my building I’ve designed and energetically charged with high-level energy for the highest good of all who enter them.


They are free of clutter and infused with the high vibrational qualities of Sun and Air energy to help your practice thrive!​

Both Offices Come With...


Massage Table    |    Pillow   |   Bolster   |   Disposable Face Rest Covers   |   Sheet & Blankets

Crystals   |   Salt Lamp   |   Essential Oil Diffuser   |   Essential Oils   |   Smudging Feather

Electric Kettle   |   Mugs   |   Clipboard   |   Coat Hooks   |   Clock   |   Heat/AC

Client Chair   |   Desk & Chair   |   Mirror   |   Ample Non-Fluorescent Lighting

Blue Tooth Speaker   |   Free Internet   |   Additional Seating



Approximately 85 square feet




Great For...


Inspired and expansive

one-on-one sessions



Approximately 145 square feet




Great For...


Enlightening one-on-one & family sessions, workshops & classes

Next Steps


1. Contact me and we’ll set up a time to see the spaces.

2. If you’d like to move forward, sign a standard Colorado Sublease and pay 1st & last month's rent.

3. Rent automatically deducts through Square autopay each month.

4. You may terminate the lease at any time, with a minimum of 30 days notice.

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