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Olivia's Specialty Classes!

Activate Your Soul Gifts In A Fun & Transformative Class!


Are you an explorer of light who loves learning about the intuitive world and its daily applications?


If so, come join me and learn how to expand your understanding of self by opening your heart and awakening to your inherent Soul Gifts, Spirit Guides and deeper Soul Purpose of being a Professional Intuitive and Healer!


Join us and...

Become Certified As A Crystal Healer!​

Activate Your Heart & Manifest With Your Soul in 5D!

Learn to Pendulum Dowse - Beginning to Advanced Classes!

Receive Answers to Your Questions in Small Group Intuitive Readings!

Expand Your Intuition & Healing Abilities Through Your 4 Clair's!

Help The Earth Release Stuck Energies & Beings Through Her Earth Healing Certification

Explore Essential Oils Intuitively!

Heal Your Relationships & Manifest Your Twin Flame!


and much more...



Olivia Loves Creating New Classes With Her Spirit Guides!


I run various classes throughout the year.

If you don't see what you're looking for, please

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"At the end of both classes, I walked away with amazing new abilities to heal others and myself.

Olivia taught her Akashic Level 1 and 2 classes in a light-filled, safe, and yet highly practical way.  Her knowledge base, teaching skills, and faith in her students elevated my experience beyond learning.  It allowed for deep growth and healing.

I’m very much looking forward to taking the Akashic Level 3 training in the future!” - Kerri F.

"Olivia is a patient, careful, knowledgeable, funny and loving teacher.  

I look forward to more sessions and classes with her!” – Morgan P.

"From her first class I was so impressed with Olivia’s professional teaching style coupled with creativity and compassion. It’s my understanding that Olivia is an artist and professional educator as well.  Her background in education coupled with her heightened intuitive nature helps create an energizing and enlightening environment

that facilitates learning and enrichment." - Cathi B.

Read more testimonials from some of the wonderful clients I've worked with in the past here

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