Musings About The 12-12-12 Energy Portal

Have you heard about the “12-12-12” – December 12th, 2012?

It’s the last day this type of number line up will occur until 2101. Some people call a day that has the same number for the day, month and year (12-12-12) “energy portals”.

Energy portals are like doorways into other dimensions, where you can experience the multi-dimensional Universe for yourself - time expanding, feeling infinite potentials, knowing you are happening somewhere else as well, etc.

But what does that mean exactly?

Well one big point is that 12-12-12 is not only about being able to feel the multi-dimensional Universe, it’s about feeling the multi-dimensional YOU. What does the multi-dimensional YOU feel like, you might ask? Well, to put it simply, it feels like an immense amount of LOVE.

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking…”Olivia, yah yah yah, love, love, love. We get it. We’re love and all we have to do is feel love.” I know, it seems trite and cliché, but what I’m talking about and what today is talking about is not about saying “I love you” to yourself (although that never hurts), but it’s about truly (not faking it) loving all of yourself. How do you do that? Through being the non-judgmental YOU.

I have a really good friend on the East Coast who helped me to understand this concept recently. We actually were talking about this very topic on Monday and we were both coming to new “aha” moments together. It was pretty cool.

We started the conversation that we both were tired of “healing” and working through karma with others and so on and so forth. We both had the feeling that we came down in this incarnation to work out a lot of stuff, heal, heal, heal, and learn lots of lessons. We didn’t want to come back again to this earth in a human body. We were both laughing about this, when it occurred to us, that we really didn’t need to heal anything – we were perfect just the way we are.

We decided, that if we were perfect, if there was nothing more to heal, then everything we thought, felt or did must be perfect. If this was the case, then we don’t really need judgments anymore. Whatever we think or feel is perfect. It is neither “good” nor “bad”. AHA! We decided to conduct an experiment with this non-judgmental state of being for the rest of the month.

Well, yesterday was my first day of really consciously doing this. When a feeling or thought arose in my head and my first impulse was to judge it as “good” or “bad”, I caught myself and said the word, “non-judgment” and just let the thought or feeling be whatever it needed to be. It was pretty liberating and at the same time made me realize just how much I judge myself.

Now I’m not talking about the “always think positive” campaign of spirituality. I think that’s a bunch of BS frankly (if I may say so!). Why? Because what is that saying to us? We can only have “positive” thoughts in order to be “good” or “spiritual” or “heal” ourselves?

Well, news flash, if we’re perfect just the way we are and if you believe that the purpose of separating from the Divine at the moment of creation was to experience all things, then yes, the worry and fear and anger and sadness, they are all aspects of experience and are just as equal to the happy and excited and passionate feelings and thoughts we have.

Therefore, all of it is perfect. You are perfect. I am perfect. And to paraphrase what my dear friend, Gail, said to me the other day, as I lay on her massage table getting the most amazing cranial sacral session, “You are a bright and brilliant jewel that shines amongst and with all other bright and brilliant jewels. Realize that your light shines just as brilliantly as everyone else’s and that we all have something amazing to offer.”

We all are perfect. It’s in the non-judgment that we can finally get a sense of this. It’s a very Buddhist concept and one that is very powerful. In all my years in the metaphysical fields and meditating I talk about this and do this to some extent (read, “very little”), but it really is the gift of a portal day that we are actually able to do this a bit more easily.

On this day, 12-12-12, see if you can practice non-judgment. Notice your thoughts and feelings and when a moment of judgment about them comes up, recognize it and see if you can just let them be who they are in that moment. It’s not about turning them “off” and turning a better thought “on”. It’s about letting them both shine together.

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