Don't Quit Your Day Job...You May Be Needed in Both Worlds

I received an newletter once from a colleague about a client who came to her asking her spirit guides if she should leave her job to pursue her interest in healing.

Her guides told her she was not to do this, as she was still needed in her current position and didn’t need to quite her job in order to pursue her passion.

It's easy to feel like we can’t have one thing, without giving up the other.

The road doesn’t always need to be new to be of value...

And sometimes big life altering decisions don't have to be chosen to prove you're ready.

Embracing the “and’s” is even more important when you're opening your gifts to a bigger audience.

Many cultures, which contain shamans, understand this.

Their shamans have many outlets throughout their culture to utilize their gifts.

They're not just sitting in their abode, waiting for people to come and see them...

They're an integral part of the successful operation of their own society...

And consider the shaman’s journey to non-ordinary reality as a part-time activity.

The shaman who is considered a “Master”, not only performs shamanic duties, but is also an active participant in the economic, social and political affairs of the community:

“He is commonly an accomplished hunter or gardener, craftsperson and artist, thinker, and responsible family and community member. Indeed, the ability of the master shaman to operate successfully in two different realities is seen as evidence of power.”

– from Michael Harner, The Way of The Shaman

So when you're feeling the call to offer your healing gifts to the world...

Check in and make sure those healing gifts are ALSO needed in the places you already frequent.

That you can exist at this new level in both places is a testament to your own Master Shaman within.

May you walk in many areas and many dimensions this year, as you help the collective evolve.

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