Love Thy Entity

It is not uncommon, in my profession, to hear people talking about spirit attachments and entities (deceased spirits, non-beneficial energies, etc, that stay around you). I love this aspect of my work and at the same time feel very frustrated with the way many people label, judge and shame entity attachments and the people who live with them.

I’ve overheard many in the metaphysical community, on several occasions, mention not wanting to “give anyone a spirit” that they learned was hanging around them (let me just reassure everyone that you cannot give anything to anyone without them accepting it on some level).

Although it wasn’t long ago that I remember myself saying similar things, I’ve realized through my own experiences with spirits and entities, that attachments in whatever shape or form are a normal part of being human and bring to light opportunities for growth.

This realization did not come easy, as my experiences with entity and spirit attachments began early. I remember being “haunted” continuously from an early age; my bed sinking, as if someone had sat down next to me, dead relatives coming by to pay my family a visit and energies of past experiences on the land making themselves known.

Because I could feel the presence of deceased people and foreign energies, they hung around me. These experiences were very scary for me growing up as they represented a part of me I was not comfortable with until many years later.

When I started consciously moving forward on my “spiritual path” (all paths are spiritual), I “cleaned” up a lot of my unconscious and unhealthy behaviors and addictions in an effort to create a safe boundary around myself in order for those energies from childhood to remain in the past.

Like many people, I practiced yoga, daily meditation and energetic “protection” rituals to keep the negative energies away from my forward growth. I was determined not to look back on the past and tried to embrace a “spiritual” lifestyle at every turn. This did not last long, however, as the darkness, I would later find out, is just as important as the light.

Years later, in a session with a trusted practitioner, I found out I not only had one spirit living in my hips, but 1,400 spirits connected to me and was hugely disappointed in myself, as if I had failed an important spiritual mission. I lost my faith in my metaphysical practices, spirituality, guides and God. I felt alone and distrustful of my place in the universe as God couldn’t even protect me.

I know this may seem overly dramatic, but I truly believed, as many metaphysical practices teach, that being free and clear of any attachments to foreign energies, entities and deceased spirits is both healthy and a sign of spiritual advancement.

Couple this with the common view in our society that hauntings are a curse and you’ve got a recipe for fear and shame in those who find themselves in these situations.

There are methods we are taught in metaphysical circles that will protect ourselves from all things dark and bad, in order to remain pure and light, as if we are in battle with the dark. There are only so many walls we can erect before we find ourselves completely removed from life. While, yes, I do believe that it is good to know what energies are around you, methods of energetically protecting yourself in emergency situations and clearing rooms intended for healing, we don’t live in a vacuum.

Unless you’ve lived every one of your incarnations alone in a cave (and if you’re reading this, you probably haven’t), you’ve definitely interacted with other people throughout your lifetimes and taken on energetic attachments. In fact, we’re symbiotically connected to all living things at all times.

These connections are not scary, they are what make us human and create amazing life experiences.

We live in a world and universe with a vast array of experiences and energies. Very negative energies do exist and our own guides, higher self and divine helpers bring to us these negative energies in the form of attachments in order to learn important lessons. Yes, that’s right, the highest energies of love and light bring to you some of the lowest energies of negativity and fear in order for you to grow and learn.

This can be a hard one for many people to understand because they view the Divine and all things spiritual as only light-filled and loving. They automatically assume all things that are light-filled come from God and all things negative and dark can not work with these light-filled beings. They go on to postulate that these light-filled beings protect us from dark energies if we are truly spiritual and light-filled ourselves. It’s a very human way to understand the unseen.

But, our guides, Higher Self and the Divine, know more than we give them credit for. Our soul, at this moment, is experiencing many different lifetimes, through many different vehicles, on many different levels of existence in order to grow and expand its awareness. Imagine your soul as a hand and every finger a different existence living and experiencing together.

As we grow in this lifetime, we come to new levels of awareness and bring to us what is needed to heal and integrate. Our soul brings to us entities, past life incarnations, attachments, etc., in order to understand a deeper part of ourselves. Some of the most important moments in people’s lives come from surviving a terribly scary experience. Moving through fear and into self-confidence can be a huge part of one’s soul growth.

But where do these negative attachments that our Higher Self bring to us come from? They can come from unresolved interactions and experiences from previous incarnations. You know them on some level, for they have been connected to you before.

For example, lets pretend that in a previous lifetime you had a competitive older brother. He and you would compete at the drop of a hat with just about anything. It was intense. You would spend most of your day imagining him losing and longing for the day he would no longer be a part of your life.

This one relationship, in that one lifetime, was so emotionally charged that you and your brother were intimately attached to each other through these experiences. Those intense emotions formed a bond, connecting you to him through unresolved emotions. Those unresolved emotions, when felt and thought about enough times can also become a separate emotional energy form that can stay around you creating more of that feeling within yourself (think of the cloud following Eyore the donkey in Whinnie the Pooh).

So here you are, in that lifetime, walking around with an invisible cord attached to your brother, whom you despise, and emotional energy clouds following you wherever you go. Because this experience and the feelings attached to them remained unresolved, these feelings, energies and attachments got stored in your soul’s memory bank of experiences as unhealed and lesson-filled after your death.

Fast forward now to this lifetime and you encounter a person who reminds your soul of your brother in that lifetime (let’s say it’s a co-worker). Your soul, when seeing this person, decides that this is a great time to work on better understanding those previous experiences. So your soul brings to you the emotional energy of that lifetime as an entity to provoke you to feel and finally deal with that unresolved part of your soul’s existence.

It may even bring to you the past life energy of your brother in that lifetime as a deceased spirit whom attaches to you in this lifetime in order to understand the truth of that existence that you didn’t want to look at.

This attachment may be felt as intense anger every time you see this co-worker or intense guilt or revenge depending on what awareness you’re wanting to experience. The co-worker may have done nothing to provoke this emotional response from you, but you find yourself feeling it anyway and oftentimes thinking something’s wrong with them. It’s a feeling, without a cause in this lifetime.

When you understand the nature of that experience, those energy and spirit attachments are no longer needed.

All attachments are a part of our selves at some level. They are the Yin to our Yang, the Abbot to our Costello. They are here to show us our shadow in order for us to embrace ourselves more fully.

The 1,400 spirits connected to me had a message, an important reason for being with me that I later learned was a gift. They actually helped to move me forward in my journey to a place I could never have gotten to if I stayed afraid and obsessively protecting myself at every turn.

Every attachment that has come to my clients during sessions is not scary. When approached with love and respect, each one has a message, an awareness and a reason why they are there. When this message is heard, we allow them to release and be born again, to venture on their own journey back to themselves. When we gain the courage to compassionately acknowledge their presence within us, we allow someone across the universe to do the same and allow our energy that is haunting them to come back to us.

The next time you hear a bump in the night, go ahead and embrace it like a long lost friend, for it is here to tell you something important….love all parts of you, for all parts of you are a part of god itself.

Love thy entity, for this entity is you.

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