Step Into The New & Release Old Beliefs

When uncomfortable emotions arise, as you step out into the unknown, let them be beacons of light ushering you into new lands.

Have you ever gained momentum in your life and felt excited about a new path that was unfolding only to be stopped in mid track by anxiety, anger, fear or sadness?

If so, read on and welcome to the very normal process of challenging core beliefs.

As we move forward on our path, we sometimes move into unknown territory, which feels very exciting at the beginning. This excitement is a positive sign that you are moving forward into the right direction.

Some of us, however, feel this excitement for a brief second and then it turns to fear and doubt.

If this is common for you, you are definitely not alone.

When we travel into unknown territory, our mental minds want to help us stay out of danger by bringing to us messages that we have learned from others and our environment. These messages form our core beliefs about the world, some of which go against the direction we are moving into.

These core beliefs are a form of understanding that our mental mind has formulated to help protect us. Our mind is not trying to sabotage us, as many of us think. It only knows what it has seen, and therefore doesn’t know how to make sense of something new without looking to the past for help.

When we stumble into a belief that needs to be released in order for us to move forward, our bodies can actually retrace its steps back to the age when we first took on this unhealthy belief, bringing to us an emotional imprint stored in our body of that time. Emotions of fear and sadness, for example, can come up for us to feel during this process in order for us to step through and move forward.

These emotions were actually the original emotions that we were not able to express or openly feel in the past. This retracing process helps open those trapped emotions in order to flow and release them, something we were not able to do in the past.

Because of this, these uncomfortable emotional reactions are an essential feature of healing unhealthy core beliefs as we progress further on our path. They are welcome signs and usually come at a time when we are challenging those beliefs in our lives by stepping into the new.

Our bodies are a brilliant healing mechanism, designed to release and heal every area of our life the moment we set our intention to doing so. This intelligent process, at its core, helps us to understand and integrate the past in order to move forward, allowing us to regain momentum and health.

These uncomfortable emotions, we sometimes get stuck in and judge ourselves harshly for feeling, are not our worst nightmare, they are actually our allies, our trusted friends letting us know we’re on the right road.

So remember, you did not lose your vision when these emotions arise. You have not taken two steps back. You have, however, taken two steps back into your past to release and heal in order for you to take three steps forward.

Hold onto your new journey as you feel the hard stuff and remember that there is a purpose to this time of feeling.

And once you release those feelings and understand its purpose, go ahead, step on through and into the new!

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