The Day Our Soul Birthed Itself

In the light of creation, a moment existed when we chose to embark into the potential of the Universe, explore all of the possibilities of existence and instantaneously become our own wholeness.

In that instant, we contained only ourselves and we felt different. It was new. Those that had moved into wholeness around us were close by and we felt close to eachother as we all understood.

As we moved and explored in the universe, we moved away from eachother and some of us began to feel more and more alone. This feeling of isolation began to create feelings of guilt and confusion as we moved farther from the source.

Our soul, wanting to remedy these feelings, decided that if we remembered why we left, we wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable and it created a mind so that we could remember the true experience of why we separated from source in the first place and feel better.

But, instead of remembering, this new mind of ours looked out at the the things we found in the universe and started to judge itself against what it saw.

Our soul, seeing the mind’s confusion, decided to create a physical body and life experiences in order to help the mind see itself clearly and not feel so alone by finding those that chose the same path.

But, when upon encountering some of the life experiences set up by the soul, the others they found forgot who they were and the physical body fell and hurt and ached. The mind wondered what cruel trick the soul had played on it and felt the body was very limited and imperfect.

Our mind began to believe that the physical body was our truth and the physical body began to distrust the soul.

When the body died, the soul reunited, embracing them in love from their long and hard journey.

The soul hugged them, listening to all they had learned and experienced along the way and vowed to help heal their misperceptions by creating new incarnations.

And the cycle continued, until all aspects created by the soul remembered the truth – that all is source.

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