Find Your Grove of Support

I recently revisited a grove of cottonwood trees that I lovingly refer to as the Grandmother Grove - a sacred grove that forms a large circle.

Standing in this grove, I have asked the grandmothers for help with various major life changing experiences over the years and they haven’t failed me yet – I conceived a child with their help, they are that powerful.

A trail runs through their circle, inviting people to stop and stand in their midst. Many people keep walking, but on several occasions, I stop and talk with them, asking for help, honoring their gifts and presence and, on many occasions, crying with them.

On this last visit, I stood in the middle of the grove and realized that they are a family of trees, with one matriarch perching high above the rest. It is with her I talked with and this is what she said:

“We are here to help you. Let us help.”

She assured me that trees love to help us and that was one of their purposes. “We are here to help,” she repeated again and again.

Other trees began to speak and their messages were powerful:

We are here to help you and all humans. Let us help you. We are much more powerful than you think. Sit with us, tell us your stories and lean into our help. Let us transmit our messages into your life and manifest the clearest path for you on earth. We are the gatekeepers of your truth.”

I remember a story I heard a long time ago that told of trees being the only living thing in the natural world that can grow the tallest, connecting us to the stars and our ancestors. Because they are so tall they are like communication towers between the earth plane and the heavens, sending messages through their branches and swaying leaves and soaking up the energy of the stars, moon and sun.

It’s no wonder it feels so good to hug a tree. Find yourself a tree or grove this week and talk to them about your worries and dreams. You might be surprised with their response, the love you receive and the path that opens up for you.

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