The Gift Of Your Wounding

Chiron is “the wounded healer” in Greek mythology, the immortal centaur who became an amazing teacher and healer and later in life received a wound that could never be healed. The story goes that Chiron’s parents abandoned him at birth, yet he was raised by a loving and gentle teacher and healer who taught him everything he knew.

Through his nurturing, he became a powerful mentor to the sons of kings and Greek heroes and was accidentally wounded by his friend with a poisoned arrow that could never be healed. He eventually traded his immortality to save the life of another and was honored with a place in the sky as the constellation Centaurus.

Chiron’s story is telling. A deep wound was given to him that even he, the wise healer and teacher, couldn’t heal, until he understood his divinity, sacrificing his immortality to save the life of another.

Chiron teaches us that our own core wounding is important. For with your wound, you reach for healing, for understanding. It is your catalyst for movement.

It is also your entry point into your divinity, for it holds your truth. Take a look at your core wound. It holds the key to your strength and is your purpose. For example, let’s say a person’s core wound revolves around the inability to fully stand up for themselves. Although they may feel that they don’t have this ability, this ability to stand up is actually their inner gift.

Healing is not about transforming yourself into a new person, it’s about removing the years of other people and experiences telling you that you don’t actually have these gifts within you. Healing is about removing the layers of other people’s fears and doubts that were picked up along the way, so that your truth can shine.

Enjoy your wounding. For it is your strength and points to what your soul has known about yourself all along.

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