Working With Anger

Anger is a feeling that lets you know you’re feeling powerless and brings you a strong emotion to empower you to change your situation. Anger can be a sign you’ve given your power away to someone else or that you’re feeling blocked from doing what you want or being who you want to be in your life.

Our job in this life is to feel our emotions and then release them.

It’s that simple. Our body actually comes with the ability to feel and release emotions easily. No emotion is negative, unless we are afraid to feel them. If you feel angry or upset, you can say so without exploding. The goal is to become assertive without being aggressive, saying:

This is what I feel…

This is what I want…

This is what I think…

Most of us have been taught to restrict this natural flow and fear our emotions. When we refuse to feel our emotions, they stay within our body causing pain and imbalance, until we choose to feel them again and release them. Excess anger in any situation can be a sign that you’re releasing past pent up anger.

If this is the case, and you have the space, separate yourself from the environment and feel whatever comes up, remembering that you are finally releasing the old stuff. When you are feeling more grounded in the present, address the current situation that made you angry and speak your truth with the method above.

Here are some steps to releasing old stuck anger that is causing pain and imbalance in your body and empower your 3rd chakra (of course, a good counselor or therapist can help tremendously when you feel like you can’t go it alone):

1. Take care of your body:

  • Give your body tremendous love – Release all judgments and criticisms about yourself – it’s not yours…period!

  • Forgive your body for bringing you pain in order to bring the suppressed and repressed anger to your attention – your path is always perfectly orchestrated, whether you know it or not.

  • Give your body the pleasure of touch as part of loving it – a massage, bath, etc.

  • Promise your body that you are going to love it, care for it and you are going to work in partnership with it. This will build trust between you and your body.

2. Honor and own this experience of pain and see how you have given your power away to other people and find ways you can step into your power now.

3. Welcome the stuck anger inside you as your own, feel it and visualize it leaving – The Sedona Method and The Presence Process are great books for reconnecting with your natural ability to flow emotions and release stuck emotions from your body.

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