Energetic Tools For Our Modern World

Welcome to this amazing time on planet earth! We’re experiencing rapid change with lots of rare astronomical events that are ushering in transformational growth and expansion for all of us here.

Now more than ever, it’s extremely important to accept and honor our bodies and lives and maintain a balance between our spiritual and physical selves. We came here to experience and enjoy our physicality. When we do this, we more easily anchor into our lives the amazing high frequency energies that are hitting our planet at this time.

This period of intense transformational energy calls for some uniquely simple energy tools that we can use daily. My guides and I have narrowed it down to two important things we can do each day that will make the most positive impact at this time:

  1. Ground & Clear Your Body & Energy Field

  2. Take Courageous Action

TOOL #1 – Grounding & Clearing Using Your Pillar of Light


This is one of the best grounding and daily clearing techniques I’ve found and it’s incredibly simple! It harmonizes your body with your environment and rebalances your body and energy system – two things that are very important in this new energy.

My clients love it and it seems to work better than other techniques I’ve used in the past to ground and clear. Use it whenever you feel like you need a calming and centering boost to your day. It also works really well during any physical activity (ie. yoga, exercise, walking, driving, etc.).


  1. With your arms at your side, hands pointing down to the earth, imagine your hands as magnets, connecting to and pulling up the loving energy at the center of the earth through your feet, legs and throughout your body. Notice how this feels and spend a few minutes doing this.

  2. As this earth energy is running through your body, imagine a light above your head that is your loving Divine source energy. It naturally expands to cover the entirety of your aura and energy body above you, like a light ceiling. As it expands, it showers you with its light, creating a pillar of light around you. It fills your body and auric field with its energy. Spend a few minutes doing this and notice how it feels.

  3. This pillar of light is incredibly intelligent and knows exactly how to clear and balance your body and energy field. Ask it to “clear all energies that are not yours and all non-beneficial energies from your body and energy field.” Notice what you experience as it clears your body and energy field. You may feel energy shifting throughout your body, other sensations/visions/sounds/etc. or nothing at all. Know that it is working no matter what you feel and the more you practice this the stronger it gets.

  4. Use this technique daily and whenever you feel you need a calming and centering boost. I highly suggest using it when you wake up and start your day and before you go to sleep at night.

TOOL #2 – Take Courageous Action

In addition to caring for our physical needs, in this new energy, our bodies work the best when we:

Take courageous action each day.

That’s right. Courageous acts strengthen our soul’s purpose in our life. We incarnate into this earth plane in order to experience the complexity and range of life experiences – feelings, thoughts and sights. Problems arise when we come out of some of these tougher life experiences and avoid anything uncomfortable because we’re afraid of having that happen again.

In actuality, when we see those tough experiences clearly, feel what we need to, heal and regain our passion, we integrate the wisdom within them and we don’t repeat them. But, many times, even when we’ve healed the past, we gravitate towards comfortable experiences and things we know.

Our body needs us to accept our constantly changing world and requires us to consciously explore new experiences, which means taking courageous action in our lives each day.

This isn’t about endangering your life or doing something that would harm you (ie. engaging in harmful people, substances or life situations). This is about acting upon small or large compassionate and life giving actions that challenge your fears and create new neural pathways in your brain, which ultimately expand what is possible in your world and the planet as a whole.

Courageous daily acts are unique to each person. A good rule of thumb is to do something each day that goes outside of your regular routine and pushes you to explore unfamiliar areas of your life. Telling yourself beforehand that you’re about to do something courageous can help ease the fear that may be involved.

If you’re not sure what you can do, here are some things to get you started:

  • Take a different route through your neighborhood that you usually avoid – you grow the light wherever you are, expand your light into areas you haven’t been before.

  • Say hello to someone you wouldn’t usually say hello to – connecting to others helps grow the heart energy in our world, let the love flow.

  • Wear something you thought you couldn’t or that you may feel self-conscious in – it doesn’t matter what you wear, it’s how you feel about yourself that makes the clothes you have on look great!

  • Tell someone how you really feel – speaking your truth encourages others to do the same and grows the energy of an authentic planet.

  • Go outside when you usually stay inside – a breath of fresh air shifts perspectives and opens new ways of thinking and paths available.

  • Switch up your daily routine – do something out of the ordinary and you welcome the new into your life.

  • Pick one of your daily fears and taking one small step to doing it or actually doing it – fear doesn’t have a hold on you unless you allow it to.

It’s time to work with your body’s natural ability to be fearless! When you do one thing each day that you feel is courageous for you, you energize your life and the entire planet. It’s time!

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