Understanding Challenges Through Accessing Its Higher Purpose

Are you wishing you had more of something in your life?

How much time do you think you spend wanting something different than you have?

So many of my clients feel that need for change without any idea how to make it happen.

This desire to change is an important part of our human evolution, yet this same desire can become extreme and harm our evolution.

This is why analysis of the situation, research of the possibilities and knowing the steps you can take to create that change are important parts of stepping out and into the life you LOVE.

But this must also be in conjunction with the energetic knowing that everything is always working out for your higher good.

Everything has a higher purpose and life is supporting you in creating that which you desire - whether you see this out in front of you, or not.

So much of your journey is about trusting that everything is in perfect alignment, no matter how imperfect your life seems.

So many people have left relationships, lost jobs, relocated without a choice, taken steps into the unknown and faced what seemed like insurmountable challenges.

“What is the point of all this?”

Clients would ask in my years of facilitating Akashic & Reiki sessions.

“Why is this happening to me?”

And each and every time they would ask, immediately their spirit guides would show me the grand spiritual purpose, which I would relay to them and their perspective would shift in an instant.

This immediate understanding is the gift of our spirit.

When we are aware of why challenges are present, we shift.

It’s not that we aren’t equipped to handle them, it’s that when we don’t understand them, we aren’t able to take appropriate action.

We become blinded.

Blinded by our past and all that we project onto the experience.

When we are connected to the grand purpose of our challenges, all doors open and appropriate action flows effortlessly towards us.

This is the gift of our spirit.

When we openly ask, we receive.

If you are in need of understanding the greater purpose of your life at the moment, ask that you may be guided to those understandings this week.

Your questions will be answered.

And you will understand the truth/higher purpose of your challenges - walking effortlessly towards your gifts.

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