Self-Love Exercises Part 2: Playing With Your Inner Child

In my last post, Self-Love Exercises, I explored various ways to love yourself everyday, especially when you find it difficult to be kind to yourself.

Below are three exercises for you to choose from which expand on ways to promote self-love. They are specifically designed to connect you to your inner child, which can enhance your playfulness and spontaneity.


Exercise #1: Playing with your Inner Child

Besides honoring your body’s needs and being present, self-love can also take the form of honoring your inner child, the part of you that is spontaneous, carefree and wants to play. Your inner child may not have been able to come out during childhood and may be a distant memory in your adult life.

This part of each of us, is alive and in need of some attention, especially if you’re anything like me and put a lot of pressure on yourself by becoming engulfed in many activities.

Before doing this exercise, know that your inner child is a part of you and that you can talk to this part of yourself at any time. Making contact with this part of yourself is as simple as knowing that you are connected. You can imagine an image of yourself as a very young child or just intend that your inner child is next to you.


  1. Stop, throughout your day, and check in with your inner child.

  2. Ask what your inner child wants to do and listen to the response you receive. The answer may come in the form of words, an image, a knowing or something that draws your attention.

  3. See if you can incorporate the answer you receive in your daily life and thank your inner child for its answers.

You may find that your inner child wants to go over and look at a rock on the ground, do a little dance or watch the leaves rustle.

You may find that when you incorporate your inner child’s suggestions, making dinner doesn’t have to be a chore. Putting on music, doing a little shimmy to the stove, smelling and touching the spices can all be integrated very easily and don’t take much time to incorporate.

Exercise #2: Working with Flower Essences

Larch Bach Flower Remedy – Helping to instill self-confidence and self-esteem and heal early childhood negative programming of limiting beliefs about oneself.

Have you ever been attracted to a specific flower, tree, plant or rock for no particular reason? I bet you were when you were a child. And chances are you still are as an adult.

The plant and mineral worlds are very much alive and hold specific energy vibrations that can attract you to them to help you.

I bet that when you looked at or walked up to that tree, plant, flower or rock that attracted you, you felt a little better. The vibrations of nature can align with us and affect our subtle energy bodies to promote healing. That’s how flower and tree essences work.

Flower and tree essences are made from water infused with the flowers, leaves and energies of

specific species and preserved with a little bit of alcohol (there are also gem elixirs made from the energies of the mineral kingdom).

All essences do no harm and are wonderful tools in helping with any mental and emotional state. They are a form of subtle energy healing.


  1. You can ask your inner child, look on the internet, stand in front of the essences in a natural foods store or just intuitively know which essence is right for you at this time. There is no wrong way to choose a flower essence. Bach Flower Essences have a great guide at stores that sell them which can tell you a lot about the unique healing support each one provides.

  2. Once you have found your essence, place 4 drops in a small glass of water, a big water bottle, under your tongue, on your skin or in a spray water bottle. It’s really up to you. There’s no wrong way to take the essence. The beautiful and amazing thing about essences though, and homeopathy for that matter, is the more you dilute the essence, the stronger and more powerful the effect.

  3. You can take the essence whenever you remember or at scheduled intervals throughout the day. At the beginning I find it best to take them at least twice to four times a day for a few days and then once or twice a day thereafter. Trust your intuition to know what is best for you.

  4. Go about your day and enjoy!

These are very subtle energies, so watch for subtle shifts in your level of happiness, thought processes and how you handle stress and emotions. You may be surprised at how well they work and your inner child will love playing with them.

Exercise #3: Color Healing through Crayons

This exercise was inspired from author Ted Andrews and incorporates self-love, play, and healing (among a whole list of other things).

Chances are your inner child loves to color. How many young children don’t like coloring? This is an exercise that can get you out of your sometimes stogy adult role and into the creative, playful and present moment.

What you’ll need: Paper, pencil, ruler, a standard 64 pack of Crayola crayons.

  1. Make a big circle with your pencil that encompasses the whole page.

  2. Using your ruler and your pencil separate your circle into as many pie pieces as you have crayons in your pack.

  3. Color in each pie piece with a different crayon in your pack.

  4. Have fun and remember there is no “perfect” in coloring.

When you finish, take a look at the colors you put together and the ones you especially enjoy. Those are your healing colors for that moment; the ones you need to see and be around today that can balance and energize you. You can use these combinations that you especially enjoy in picking out your outfit, decorating your living space or making more art.

Notice also if you feel happier after this activity. If so, when you’re feeling down, take a look at this wheel and the colors you are attracted to. If you don’t find any combinations or colors that brighten your day, you can make as many versions of this wheel as you want with as many different colors as you desire.

The possibilities of color combinations are endless and who knows, you may find that by coloring a few minutes each day, you bring a little more joy into your life.

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