What's Your Aura Trying To Tell You?

We live in a sea of energy - there are hundreds of energy fields around us at one time, from the sun's energy hitting the planet to the electromagnetic fields emanating from our technology.

One of the most important energy fields we have is the aura that surrounds our body and contains information about our physical health, emotional balance, spiritual connection and much more.

Many different cultures have known about the aura throughout history.

Jon White and Stanley Krippner, authors of Future Science, list ninety-seven different cultures that reference the human aura, each culture calling it by a different name.

Pythagoras even described the auric field as a luminous body and artists during the medieval period portrayed biblical figures with a band of light around the head, symbolic of the vibrating light emanating from their bodies.

Soviet scientists at the end of the 20th century actually measured the human field.

They found that living organisms emanate vibrations at a frequency between 300 and 2,000 nanometers.

They called the field the “biofield” and found that people with a strong and widespread biofield can transfer energy more successfully.

In the 1930’s another Russian scientist, Semyon Kirilian and his wife, Valentina, invented the Kirilian photographic process, which captures the aura on film (the image above, in this article, is a Kirilian photograph of a lemon slice and the energy it emits).

Medical science is now utilizing this process to detect and even diagnose illness and mental states affecting illness.

You too can access and view your aura without a Kirilian photo process or a Russian scientist.

Below is a great art exercise to see what's going on in your aura and receive messages to help maintain health in your life.


ART EXERCISE: What’s My Aura Telling Me?


  • Any art material of your choice

  • Various colors

  • A support of some kind (your journal, paper, canvas, etc.).

  1. Using your non-dominant hand (which taps into your intuitive/right brain), create a drawing of yourself and what your aura looks like around you.

  2. Let yourself pick the colors you want without thinking about the meaning behind them.

  3. Relax and remember that you are the only one who will see this drawing.

  4. When finished, look at the drawing. What colors did you choose? Where were they in your aura, on your body? Where is your body? Look at all the parts and ask yourself if this drawing could talk, what would it say about you and your energy field? Create a journal entry, which explains your aura drawing. You could write from the perspective of your aura sending you a letter.

  5. When you are finished, create another drawing repeating the same instructions only using your dominant hand.

  6. Look at the two drawings. What is the same and what is different about the two drawings? How did each one feel to complete? This is all information you're picking up from your aura.

  7. If you could draw a picture of your “perfect” aura, what would that look like? Draw a picture of your perfect aura. What you draw you're actually manifesting at this stage.

  8. Ask your energy system to bring you tools and understandings this week to help create your perfect aura. Notice what comes.

Repeat this exercise every few weeks.

All of your aura drawings open your intuition and bring awareness to what's going on in your life.

With each new drawing you make of your aura, more truths open up within you and you begin to get in touch with your expansiveness.

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