Soul Mission Activation!

Since 2017, we are being called to turn on more of our purpose and spirit into the world, as Soul Missions have definitely activated. If you’re reading this, you’re being asked to activate more of yours too. Many clients have felt they need to do something and not known what that could be. Their spirit guides all say they are activating more of their Soul Purpose/Mission now. They are being called to bring more of their light into the world, more than they have in the past.

This Soul Purpose/Mission activation can look different for everyone, but I've noticed a theme with people that have similar energy. There are so many different ways to categorize people's energy, but the one I like and will use in this article is Carol Tuttle's Energy Profiling System. Carol divides people into four elements of energy that connect to the energy found in nature. We all have the four types within us, but we lead with one in life. She describes people as either water, fire, earth or air dominant (please note that sometimes this is different than your astrological sign):

You lead with water, if you are more introverted, soft and calming, gather details, ask a lot of questions and help people feel cared for. You lead with fire, if you are more extroverted, swift and dynamic, move into action quickly, are great at multitasking, love getting things done and can be a bit intense at times.

You lead with earth, if you are more introverted, structured, exact, more critical because you want to perfect things, love tradition, see the bigger picture, more linear in doing things and know yourself better than anyone else does.

You lead with air, if you are more extroverted when you feel confident, bright, animated, have a lot of ideas, highly motivated to bring happiness to people and chuckle when talking.

Each element has a different Soul Mission that is activating more this year. Read on to find out what yours is and/or someone you know….

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