Activating The Air Soul Mission!

*If you haven’t already, I suggest reading the article that describes the elements and general soul mission information here.

We are being called to activate more of our Soul Mission this year and the years to come. Read on to find out what is being activated for air people...

You lead with air,

if you are more extroverted when you feel confident, bright, animated,

have a lot of ideas, are highly motivated to bring happiness to people

and chuckle when talking.

Air Soul Missions help the world activate:

  • New Beginnings

  • Fresh Starts

  • New Ideas

  • Inspiration

  • Creativity

Air people are the dreamers. They love helping people get out of their ruts, see the bright side of things and create their life in new ways. Air people are constantly having new ideas and new ways of thinking about things and can have a hard time in life manifesting an idea into the physical world.

They shift gears really easily and tend to forget what they were thinking about two minutes ago. Air needs all the three other elements in order to manifest and ground in the world. Because of this, air people need a community to bounce ideas off of and find the ones that could be really good to work with and manifest.

If this is you, you may be called to start manifesting an idea into the world. Share some ideas you have you really enjoy with friends and colleagues you trust to get feedback. They’ll let you know which ones have potential and give you a game plan to help you get started. Networking is important for you this year. Not only does it help you inspire others, but it can be the key to getting your gifts out there.

One of my air clients is a healer who has many different gifts, constantly has new ideas and gets excited really easily. She’s been really good at networking and creating a community. Because of this her guides didn’t mention networking, but instead emphasized grounding more.

They told her it’s time to ramp it up and focus this year on getting her business out into the world in new ways, like getting a grounded office, instead of doing sessions at many different locations. They also suggested combining her talents into a unique offering that is understandable to others and helps people creatively release the old, open into the new and live in a more soulful way.

Each element has a different Soul Mission that is activating more this year. Read on to find out what yours is and/or someone you know….

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