Activating The Earth Soul Mission!

*If you haven’t already, I suggest reading the article that describes the elements and general soul mission information here.

We are being called to activate more of our Soul Mission this year and the years to come. Read on to find out what is being activated for earth people...

You lead with earth,

if you are more introverted, structured, exact, more critical because you

want to perfect things, love tradition, see the bigger picture, more linear in doing things

and know yourself better than anyone else does.

Earth Soul Missions help the world activate:

  • Leadership Skills

  • Success

  • Efficiency

  • Beauty

  • Manifesting Abilities

Earth people are the natural leaders helping others fine-tune their offerings so the world can benefit from them for centuries to come. They are efficient and strategic, moving linearly towards a solution. They understand the purpose of traditions and have a knack for knowing how to bring something new into world that has staying power.

They are the ones who can see the bigger picture and turn the challenges and flaws into workable solutions, creating beauty in the everyday chaos. They can lose everything and then gracefully create a new successful life for themselves. They go where they are needed and sometimes losing everything is a way to get them to move because earth people have a natural failsafe that doesn’t allow them to stay down for long or fail.

They also have a healthy understanding of themselves and are not easily swayed from what they know to be true. They see people for who they are and don’t believe everything someone tells them. They tend to observe someone for a length of time before trusting them with their inner world. Earth people tend have a few really good friends.

They feel deeply, but tend to keep their emotions safely tucked away inside. This is a skill set that helps earth people make the tough decisions they need to as a leader, without letting emotions dictate the course of action.

If this is you, you may be called to help others understand the purpose of their challenges and manifest what they need to reach success. If you’re in a leadership role already, step more into a mentorship role with someone you feel would benefit. Help others see the benefit of their ideas and manifestations before relaying the things you notice could be changed. Earth people make great business/life coaches and can help others create success in a down to earth and linear way, one step at a time.

One of my earth clients is a career coach. She has an amazing knack for helping people see their potential and the next steps to success. Originally, she worked in corporate America, helping businesses thrive. She later was guided to go full time in her own business as a career coach and later her guides told her it was time to make a change and she reinvented herself into a new life and went back to work for a business that really needed her help. Her guides also brought her the people that need her help in manifesting and she’s being led to help her family and friends find and make new opportunities.

Each element has a different Soul Mission that is activating more this year. Read on to find out what yours is and/or someone you know….

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