Activating The Fire Soul Mission!

*If you haven’t already, I suggest reading the article that describes the elements and general soul mission information here.

We are being called to activate more of our Soul Mission this year and the years to come. Read on to find out what is being activated for fire people...

You lead with fire,

if you are more extroverted, swift and dynamic, move into action quickly,

are great at multitasking, love getting things done and can be a bit intense at times.

Fire Soul Missions help the world:

  • Take Action

  • Transform

  • Activate Passion

  • Build Confidence

Fire people are the doers. They have a quickness to their actions and feel like they're helping if they're doing something. They can get very critical of themselves and have a lot of anxiety when they're not doing something and have a hard time resting.

Like fire, they can be intense when things aren’t moving as quickly as they’d like. Their intensity is a way of lighting the fire to get things moving. If this is you, you may be called to action in the areas you have already created in your life. This isn't the time to re-invent the wheel and create more avenues to doing in your life. Because of this increase in activity you’re being called to make, it’s vitally important to schedule time for rest and relaxation. One of my fire clients is an activist. She already has connections and groups she has in place. Her guides told her that she’s feeding off the energy of world events, like fire feeds off air, and being called to work more within her groups and connections to light the fire in others to take action themselves.

They also told her that with this intensity, she needs to trust the down times and times when nothing is moving or working. That is her sign that she needs rest and relaxation.

Each element has a different Soul Mission that is activating more this year. Read on to find out what yours is and/or someone you know….

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