Activating The Water Soul Mission!

*If you haven’t already, I suggest reading the article that describes the elements and general soul mission information here. We are being called to activate more of our Soul Mission this year and the years to come. Read on to find out what is being activated for water people...

You lead with water,

if you are more introverted, soft and calming, gather details,

ask a lot of questions and help people feel cared for.

Water Soul Missions help the world activate:

  • Compassion

  • Service

  • Making Plans

  • Relaxation & Comfort

  • Emotional Understanding

Water people are the comforters, relationship builders and the feelers. They love nurturing and are great at understanding the emotional undercurrents of a situation. They can cry very easily and mirror the emotions others are experiencing.

They are also the planners and have a knack for understanding every inch of a plan before embarking. They ask a lot of questions and are great to have onboard to fine tune plans by catching details that would be helpful to have figured out before taking action.

If this is you, you may be called to get out there and share your natural nurturing abilities with those who are deserving of your gifts. This is not the year to heal the whole world and everyone in it. This is the time to be very selective of those you share your energy and time.

Choose people and experiences that activate your heart and make it easy for you to help. Look at the details people are showing you about themselves. Avoid anyone who draws you to them through guilt, fear, manipulation or shame.

One of my water clients is a healer, mother and social worker. Family is very important to her and she can get easily thrown out of her center when family relationships are struggling. She’s a natural nurturer and many are drawn to her warmth and comfort. She’s learned to be very selective with people who are drawn to her and has created much better boundaries.

She struggles with having the confidence to share her energy healing gifts. Her guides have told her it’s time to do what she loves and share her sessions with a select few she trusts and feels comfortable with at first. This, they said, is the crucial first step that is needed and then, like water, it will flow.

Each element has a different Soul Mission that is activating more this year. Read on to find out what yours is and/or someone you know….

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