3 Tools To Ride This Cosmic Wave!

Welcome to March! This is a month of rapid changes and forward momentum, so hang onto your hats! ;) We're in a period of Venus moving backward (retrograde) March 4th through April 15th. Expect relationship challenges and past stuff coming back into our lives in order to reassess who and what we value. People and opportunities may look better than they really are right now. Take the time to find your truth and trust your gut. Your intuition will guide you to make the best decision. The full moon on the 12th and daylight savings time in the northern hemisphere begins a supercharged time of rapid releasing and clearing. So hang on! And finally, spring is here on the 20th. Energy grows stronger and manifests easier in the spring. More interesting things are collectively coming our way in the US after the 20th. David Bowe’s, “Changes”, represents this equinox’s energy. So let's, “Turn and face the strange, Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.” :) We could see a lot more chaos, unconscious energies and big shifts happening around us.

Here are 3 tools from my guides that can help:

1. Find your stillness, your center.

Walk and connect to the light within you. Talk to someone and stay in your center. To do this, use a few deep breaths to connect you to your center. Imagine a line of light shining through the center of your body as you breath. Come back to this practice when things get hairy.

2. Understand that discomfort is the natural life force of change - the catalyst for creating.

Luckily for us, we’ve got a tool to help us figure out what to do with our discomfort - our emotions.

Emotions are our soul’s way of helping us take action:

Sadness asks us to perceive the love under a loss.

Fear asks us to move forward, backward or out of the way.

Anger asks us to set boundaries.

Disgust tells us something or someone isn’t good for us.

Happiness tells us that we want more of the same.

Guilt & Shame asks us to heal/release the past/untruths & live in the present moment.

3. Ask yourself daily, “What is the gift of this experience?”

Remind yourself that there is a higher purpose for your life, even in daily challenges. It’s easy to get sucked into the fear and forgetting this.

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