#1 Tool To Get Clear & Manifest What You Really Want

Spring is definitely in the air!

We've been in a pocket of very transformational energy since February, with the actual height of the transformation happening two weeks before and after Easter. If you've felt or seen a huge shift in your life and/or your outlook over the past month, you're not alone!

One of the manifesting tools that clients have really enjoyed during this time is the "perfect dream list" - a list of 30-50 very specific things about your goal that you really want.

The universe loves the specific. And this list is like placing an order at the universal manifesting cafe! The more specific you can go in telling the universe what you really want, the more the universe will bring what you really want to you.

You've probably experienced manifesting a general request. It can go something like this, you ask the universe to bring you something really general, like more happiness, for example. And the next day something happens that brings you a few minutes of happiness, like petting a kitten. And then it's back to the same old, same old.

The universe was like, there you go! Nothing big or shiny happened, but it did deliver what you asked for. The ultimate result, however, was more frustration and disbelief that the universe really has your back.

Well, here's the secret...you've got to be specific.

Just as it's really hard to give someone a present if you don't know their specific taste, so too does the universe need to know your preferences. Or else the gifts become random and to be frankly honest, weird.

Let's say you write a list with 30-50 very specific examples of what happiness means to you. And in doing so you realize what would really make you happy is a great relationship and you create another list of 30-50 specifics of the perfect relationship you want, with specific traits, characteristics, commonalities, attractions, etc. of that person and what your relationship would be like.

The universe breathes a sigh of relief, because you're now co-creating your life, not sitting back and waiting for things to happen. So get specific!

My clients who start the list always get a little nervous..."Olivia, I'm not sure I want to be that specific. I'm afraid I'm limiting the universe and I won't get what I want at all. I'm afraid I'm being too picky."

This fear is so common among women especially and really anyone whose be told they need to play small. We've been programmed to take whatever we can get...in all areas of our life and to "not be picky." But, in reality, if you want to change you're life, you actually need to get specific and really, really picky.

Doing this speeds up your manifesting process, bringing it to you faster because you've just supercharged your request.

And don't worry about writing too much or limiting the universe.

Expect that the universe will give you at least 75% of what you're looking for on your list, so get specific and make that list long.

This week, think of what you really want and make your list. Give yourself a day or so to make it; writing down everything that comes to you. Then watch the inspiration that comes, take those actions and notice what comes your way.

Have fun and enjoy the process!

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