Simplify Your Dream Board & Create A Powerhouse of Manifesting Energy!

It's getting hot out here in Colorado and our wild May snow storms are but a distant memory. Summer is definitely right around the corner!

As I write this, the warm winds are blowing outside and I'm reminded by how much the landscapes we see on a daily basis either deplete our ability to manifest what we want or energize them.

If you've been spending time in depressing environments lately and/or haven't received what you've been asking for yet, it may be time to get creative...and make a Streamlined Digital Dream Board! What's that you might ask?

Well, it's a great art tool to attract your desire to you and keep the focus strong when you naturally have your down days. You've probably heard of making a dream board using a large poster board with cut out magazine images and words that represent what you want in your life. I've never been a fan of these myself and as a professional artist and ex art teacher, they go against every artistically inclined muscle in my being. With all the imagery and text, they're really scattered and hard to feel good when you see it. What I've been doing with great success, and advising clients to create, is a very streamlined version of this dream board, I call the Streamlined Digital Dream Board (see image on the right). Using only one image, a simple statement and 4-5 keywords, this dream board becomes a powerhouse of focused energy reminding your subconscious and you daily of your intentions. Here's how to make it:

1. Find your congratulatory statement. This is a statement that you have it now. ie. "Congratulations on your amazing relationship!" or "Congratulations on making $5,000 each month!" or "Congratulations on your new job!" etc.

2. Find your 4-5 keywords that describe how you will feel when you have it. The dream board I created above has the words, "connected, empowered, loved, inspired" as the keywords. These words hold the energetic match your soul needs to attract it to you. Make a list of as many as you can think of and pick your top 4 or 5 that really make you pumped and excited.

3. Find your background image through Google. I recommend staying with nature and landscapes and not using people. People are complicated and hold too much energy that could easily misalign to what you really want. That being said, the example board I made above has a tiny person in it. I chose this to represent the vastness and expansiveness of the type of relationship that's being called in. In any case, this image should get you excited and hold the energy of infinite possibilities.

How to find it on Google:

1. Google: "high res landscape image"

2. Click on "images" to see all images

3. Click on the "tools" button and select "size" and "larger than" and "800x600"

4. Find an image you like, click on it and save it onto your desktop or drag it onto the desktop.

4. Put it all together on . Canva has amazing design that's super easy to put together quickly. This is how I made the dream board image in this post.

Here's how you create it in canva:

1. Create an account in canva (it's totally free).

2. Choose why you're using it (if in doubt select artist).

3. Choose "Poster".

4. Choose "Motivational Poster".

5. Select a design you like (you can change layout and background image later).

6. In the poster, click on the text and change it to your statement. Delete areas of text you don't want and put in your keywords.

7. Click on "uploads" on the left hand tool bar.

8. Click on "upload your own image" and select your landscape you would like from your desktop.

9. Once it's uploaded, click on the image.

10. Click on the outer edge of the background image already in the design that's not yours and select the trash can image to delete it. Do this if there is another image that comes up afterward that's not yours, until yours appears.

11. You can select the image edge and make it bigger and placed in the way you would like.

12. When you have the poster the way you'd like, select save and then select "download" then as a "PDF" and it will save it to your computer.

13. Once it's on your desktop or in your download file, you can print it out and tape it to your wall in your bedroom or bathroom where you can see it everyday and/or save it to your desktop, etc.

If this resonates with you, then I invite you to join me...

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