Why Today's Eclipse Will Transform Your Life!

Welcome to the total solar eclipse! Can you feel the energies that have been preparing you for this major event? I say major because this total eclipse is collectively moving humanity into:

  • More of the heart

  • Awareness of our multi-dimensional reality

  • A world where we are no longer separated by an invisible veil of consciousness

  • A world of more connectedness and more responsibility

  • More awareness of the light and the darkness

  • More of why we came here

  • More ability to successfully navigate transitions

We’re being catapulted into a place where time is no longer relevant, in as much as we can use it as we choose. Time has been speeding up for awhile now, but this is a little different – as my colleague, Janice O’Kane said to me recently, "This eclipse is shifting a timeline." This eclipse is shifting you out of the old, into the new and epically moving you into our collective heart. We're being asked to align with our hearts and amplify that energy for others right now. Some of you reading this will resonate to this message because your mission is to help amplify heart energy for others. And some of you will not resonate with helping others because that is not your mission now. Those of you who do not, your mission is to be as open as you can in order to receive the seeds of heart energy being planted around you by others. Receive the kindness, messages and uncomfortable truths others are bringing to your awareness and let them sit with you now, without judgment and without the need to do anything about them. They will integrate all on their own and reveal their gems in due time. There are many sites and directions to view the eclipse. Just google and you’ll see. ;) I like this eclipse calculator where you can look up any place, find the time and what you’ll be able to see. Now matter how you do it, at the time of the eclipse, I’ve been hearing from my guides for the last week or so: Get outside during the eclipse transition and imagine humanity's heart connecting. Imagine your heart connecting to the hearts of everyone on the planet, because this event is connecting and aligning us together, evolving us together. Connecting to everyone’s (not just certain people, but everyone) hearts and imagining the light in our hearts shining brightly, without judgment, creates an epic event. If you have time, here’s a simple written exercise to set intentions and use this eclipse energy: This eclipse is in Leo – which is about self-love, confidence, joy, leadership, and creativity. Leo encourages us to be big and bold! (To go where no man has gone before!) Think about and write down:

  • What is your secret biggest dream that you haven't dared to go for, or even talk about?

The opposite of Leo's self-love is shame. Think about and write down:

  • What is holding you back from your dream?

  • How are shame, fear of shame, embarrassment, feeling less than holding you back?

  • What is the voice that says you are "not really gifted, talented and/or educated" enough to be who you dream to be?

Imagine asking the eclipse to activate this dream and release what’s holding you back so you can thrive. You can also bring this paper out with you as you stand outside in the eclipse and place the paper to your heart, while you imagine connecting your heart to the heart of others on the planet. Whatever you do today, take a moment to connect. Here’s to positive shift and change!

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