Creating A New Year Theme Using Numerology!

​Welcome to 2018! With the New Year in full swing, it can be super helpful to create a theme for your year to manifest perfect opportunities to you.

Many people create a theme that they resonate too, without checking in with the numerology of the year, but I love numerology because it helps us navigate our bigger purpose. It connects us back to the cycles of nature and the universe, which helps anchor our theme into reality a bit better.

So let’s get started in figuring out what 2018 has in store for you!

You’ll be working with both your Personal Year number and the Collective Year number. For every year, you have both energies operating. Both numbers represent the major cycles and what your soul wants you to focus on.

First, start by calculating the Collective Year, which represents the things this year that the collective of humanity will be working with and learning about. This is the overarching energy for the year.

The Collective Year = present year reduced to a single number [2 + 0 + 1 + 8] = 2

Then read about the 2 year at the bottom of this article.

Next, figure out your Personal Year. This number represents the types of things that will be most lucrative to focus on and the easiest to implement.

Your Personal Year = (month + day of your birth) + present year reduced to a single number.

Example: [1] + [1+0] + [2 + 0 + 1 + 8] = 22 = 4

Then read about your personal year number below and learn about the most profitable activities you can do this year.

Once you have an understanding of the year for you, next come up with a theme or affirmation for your year that is the way you’d like to work with your personal and collective year energies.

Pick something that’s easy to remember and say to yourself throughout the year.

Here are some examples of year themes:

  • It’s easy to receive.

  • I thrive everyday.

  • Challenges are higher purposes.

  • Love is what matters.

  • Say yes.

  • Anything is possible.

The theme you choose creates a container for your year and helps draw to you the experiences and tools you need to make the most out of it.

Once you have your theme, write it down so you can see it daily. Use it like a mantra you repeat to yourself during your day.

Other ways to work with your theme:

  • ​​Get a journal and write it on the front cover.

  • Journal about your theme weekly and any new realizations that have come to you around your theme.

  • Create a dream board around your theme.

  • Make an altar with your theme.

  • Meditate with your theme.

And most of all, enjoy the abundance of time that the new year brings to us! You have the next 365 days at your fingertips!


1 = New beginnings, start of 9 year cycle, vitality is up, new adventures

Most profitable activities in a 1 year: clarify and set new goals, make changes, don’t dwell on the past

2 = Relationships, inner development, cooperation, patience

Most profitable activities in a 2 year: cooperate and build relationships, take care of details, help others, deepen intimate relationships - meeting an intimate partner can more likely occur now

3 = Social expansion, creative success, romance, love affairs

Most profitable activities in a 3 year: take a vacation, but keep your goals in mind, work in the arts and communication, expand creative talents

4 = Structure, security, slow and steady progress, hard work

Most profitable activities in a 4 year: get to the task at hand, discipline, get organized, bring yourself down to earth, focus on your health and diet

5 = Freedom, major changes, adventure, excitement

Most profitable activities in a 5 year: seek out new directions

6 = Love, family, home, friendships & responsibility

Most profitable activities in a 6 year: be with friends and family, finish projects started earlier, engage in emotional interactions, stand in your truth

7 = Spirituality, deeper meaning, introspection, intuition

Most profitable activities in a 7 year: connect to the deeper purpose, reflect on the past and plan for the future, reflection, meditation, study & writing

8 = Power year, financial/material gains, major achievements, attainment, recognition

Most profitable activities in a 8 year: make big decisions, act, branch out and expand, exude self-confidence and authority

9 = Completion, reflection, taking inventory, integrating past cycle, things you were working for should come to a completion

Most profitable activities in a 9 year: take inventory of the factors in your life, scrutinize old values, ideals and ideas, get more involved with others and giving, commune with nature

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