My Top 8 Favorite Ways To Work With Color Healing!

Color. It's not only fun, but it's healing too!

It's the visual representation of the vibrations that make up our bodies and our world. Without color, we'd literally have no light, as white light is made up of the colors of the rainbow.

You make sense of the world through the vibration of color - interpreting color, not only through sight, but through your body, mind, emotion and spirit. Even those who are visually impaired, feel and intuit color.

Color is energy, pure and simple. A great way to enhance, heal and expand our life is to work with color.

If you don't believe me, try this simple experiment...

Pick out colors you'd like to wear the next day before going to bed and notice if you like them in the morning. If you don't like them put them on anyway and see how you feel.

Chances are you probably didn't have the same love for them the next morning because you're drawn to colors you're in most need of at the time. After a night's sleep your energy system has changed and so are the colors you resonate with.

Colors are alive.

When you view a color, you're not just reacting to the sight of the color, your also reacting to the energetic wavelength its literally vibrating out into the world.

So when you wear a color, you're being encompassed by the energy of the color as well. It's affecting your body, mind, emotion and spirit all at the same time.

Color is just that powerful.

Check out the color reference guide and color during the year guide at the end of this article to better help understand the meaning of color in color healing.

Here are my top 8 favorite ways to work with color:

1. Trust the colors you are most attracted to each day and wear them. Don't let people or trends talk you out of wearing them and notice how you feel.

2. Keep a color journal for a month. Make a list of the colors you predominantly wear and are attracted to each day. At night, evaluate how you felt wearing those colors and what happened during the day. Check back after the month and notice how it was to wear the same color on two different occassions. Was there a common theme for that color?

3. Notice which colors are missing from your life and the ones you absolutely cannot stand. This may be a sign you're body is in need of that color to help balance itself and heal. Imagine the color you dislike flowing through and around you for 5 minutes. Notice how you feel afterwards.

4. Imagine the colors of the rainbow flowing through you. Starting with red and working your way up the rainbow to violet, imagine flowing the color through and around your body for 5-10 minutes.

5. Work with imagining one color flowing through and around you for 5-10 minutes each day for one week. Move onto the next color the next week and so on. Notice what that is like.

6. Imagine breathing in a color. Do this outside or open a window as well as inside with windows closed and notice which one feels better for you. Fresh air is turned into energy within the body and the strength of that energy is largely determined by your thoughts. If you imagine that air being a color you greatly enhance the ability of the air to help your body with various health issues.

7. Give yourself a hands on color healing energy session. Imagine your hands flowing a healing color out of them - like a super hero. You can pick a color from the reference guide below, or ask for a healing color you need and notice what color comes to you. Place your color flowing hands on an area of your body and let the color sink in. Move to another area of your body and repeat.

8. Work with the color that represents different periods of time throughout the year. Scroll down to the pie chart of using color throughout the year and find the color and qualities of that color that represents the energy of the time of the year you're in. Work with that color in any of the ways above each day during that period of time and notice how that is for you.

Quick Reference Guide To Color Healing:

(found on pinterest)

Using Color Throughout The Year:

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