How To Use Sleep To Work Out A Challenge...

How do you sit back and let the universe work out the answers to your bigger challenges? What’s the best way to work with the universe to help you?

The answer is setting a strong intention before you go to bed.

You’ve probably heard that it’s a good idea to give yourself 24 hours to figure things out before you take action (for challenges that don’t require your immediate attention).

A lot of people sleep on decisions before making them - one because it’s too stressful, two because they need a break and three because it’s a good idea to wait to let the dust settle.

But sleep alone won’t necessarily make things easier in the morning.

When you sleep on things, there’s a 50/50 chance they’ll work themselves out in the morning on their own. Which is great, but there’s also a 50/50 chance that you’ll not get good sleep, wake up in the same conundrum as you did the day before and be equally confused.

Bedtime Intention For Solving Problems...

So how do you sleep on things and wake up knowing what to do, without it taking several nights of no sleep to figure out?

The key is setting a strong intention for what you want to happen the first night you sleep on it.

I’m not talking about thinking, “I hope this works itself out”. I’m talking about a strong, clear intention of how things are going to work out in your sleep, like this...

“Universe, my guides, God (insert your deity here), you will figure out this [insert challenge here] in my dreams tonight. Bring in the souls of all other parties involved, together with myself in spirit and along with our high-level guides to work this out for the highest good of everyone involved. Bring in a high-level mediator guide to mediate this for us and come to a decision for the highest good of all parties. When I wake up in the morning it will be figured out and we will all know what needs to happen for our highest good and act it out in this physical world.”

When you use your dreamtime in this way, you work with all parties involved to capitalize on the magic that naturally happens when you sleep. And in doing so, you set yourself up for clarity and understanding the next morning.

You also work with the natural cycles of everyone involved because chances are, when you sleep at night, all the other parties involved are sleeping too. They’re in their most magical and open of states and their subconscious is ready to flow those messages from that experience to them when they wake up.

The Magic Phrase To Release Your Problem...

But here’s the catch…

Once you set that intention and are getting into bed, you need to let it go to the universe. You need to trust that it IS being taken care of and you ARE being taken care of.Here’s the magic phrase to use after you set the intention above…

”I’m so blessed to be going through this tough experience right now because although I can’t see it, I know it’s growing me in amazing ways.”

When you bless your challenging experience in this way, you accept it (even through clenched teeth). And when you accept your experience, you acknowledge there’s a bigger purpose in going through it. By reinforcing there’s a higher purpose operating in your life, you begin to relinquish your resistance to the experience, opening up easier paths to figuring it out.

I’ve used this process during times of huge challenges and it always amazes me. I invite you to try this the next time a challenge comes up that you need to figure out and shoot me an email letting me know how it went.

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