One Simple Exercise To Find The Love In Your Life!

What do you truly love? Have you taken a moment and really looked at things in your life with this question in mind? If not, now is a great time to take a look at your life and weed out the things that truly do not resonate with you. Start small...your utensil or junk drawer, your socks, a pillow, etc... I promise you, just examining one thing this month with this lens will inject new energy into your life because you're telling the universe you're ready to align to what truly makes your heart sing. Love is the invisible force that brings everything to you. You couldn't have that horribly ugly pillow if you didn't love the person who gave it to you or the person who doesn't want to get rid of it. Love is the force that keeps the cycles moving forward, the energy to do the things you'd rather not and the surprise of wonderful new experiences. And the best thing about love is, it's always around you.

Take a moment this week to tap into the wellspring of love and align back to the most important why in your life.

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