4 Ways To Grow Your Confidence By Connecting With Your Heart

People tell you who they are, through their words, actions and subtle body language. But the question is...are you listening with your heart?

You're heart knows who's a deeper connection and who's not.

It knows who you're choosing to escape with and who you're choosing to be real with.

Your heart also knows when it's time to take a leap of faith and cultivate a deeper heart connection or find someone who values love and not just love of facts, funny stories and experiences – but of relationships and trust and deep connection.

When you connect deeply with others who value and respect heart connections, it's easier to live your soul purpose and feel confident in your life.

When you choose to escape through relationships that cannot go deep, the rest of your life tends to stay at a certain level of depth too and it's harder to be confident because you haven't allowed yourself to anchor into the depth of a real heart centered relationship.

So if you want to up your game, step out in bigger ways this year and have more confidence – cultivate the love in your life, the relationships around you and put deeper connections at the forefront.

To get you started, here are:

4 Ways To Cultivate A Deeper Connection With The People Around You:

1. Listen – Listen to what others say to you through connecting to the deeper emotion behind the words.

Set an intention in your head before you meet with someone, “Today I will listen with my heart and understand the deeper emotions behind their words.”

2. Act – Act on your heart’s subtle pull.

If you’re not sure about a person, trust this. Take it slow, listen to the emotions behind the words. If you feel pulled to be in their presence, wait until you’re alone and see if you feel the same.

3. Follow – Follow your heart’s inspiration.

Notice when you feel called to take action, look something up, call someone. Let your heart expand it’s reach by reaching out and leading you out of your comfort zone and into new and better experiences.

4. Thank – Thank your heart for giving you the experiences and challenges you’ve had.

Everything in your life you’ve experienced has been purposeful and made you who you are today. At the end of the day tell your heart, “Thank you for bringing all the different types of experiences to me because they've actually helped me learn to love myself and/or others better.”

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