4 Things Higher Dimensional Beings Love About The 3rd Dimension

It's normal when you're starting to connect to higher dimensions, by developing your intuition and connecting with your spirit guides, to start to dislike the life you have and dealing with the daily hardships of living in this 3rd dimensional reality.

3rd dimensional reality is tough as a spiritual being pretending to be human for awhile.

We've got extremes of experiences, intense emotions, drama, karmic cycles that seem to never end and people you can't figure out how to get away from no matter how hard you try.

It can feel very limiting when you open up to the other levels of consciousness that don't have the same turmoil as we do down here.

But, the coolest thing I found, as I walked my own spiritual journey and felt bummed about being stuck down here, was hearing my higher dimensional spirit guides tell me why they love the 3rd dimension.

It literally shifted my perspective!

I hope the folllowing helps highlight the cool things about being on the earth and why after so many tough lifetimes down here where we say we'd never come back, we choose it with joy again and again. Enjoy!

Here are their top 4 things about the 3rd dimension they adore (and miss!):

1. The (painfully slow) lag time between wanting something and it actually manifesting...

They miss the surpise and joy that's felt when you have to wait patiently for the thing or person you want to arrive in the physical. In the higher dimensions the lag time is non-existent and they don't feel the anticipation of waiting and frankly, they miss that. Imagine that - they love a good surprise! lol!

2. Touching and feeling the things we have in the physical...

There's something amazing about being in the lower dimensions, we've got form and density like no other dimensions above us. So we've got 1 dimensional rocks, 2 dimensional plants and trees and 3 dimensional beings that grow and roam around on earth. That's a lot to touch!

And our guides surprisingly miss it immensly! lol!

In the higher dimensions, beings are less dense as they move up in dimension. So the senses are different and touching the edge of things doesn't exist - they kinda merge together when they bond and love. Which, side note, is the number one reason why we crave sex down here - to get back to those higher dimensional experiences and intense feelings of being loved and whole. ;)

3. The intense contrast in feelings when you get an aha/inspiration/sense of hope during a time of intense challenge...

Let's be honest, according to my guides, the emotional states we have down here are pretty basic in comparison to the higher dimensions. But this, they tell me, is the reason why it's so intense and can shift so quickly when we get an inspired feeling from spirit when we desperately need it.

They miss the amazing feeling that is the contrast of pure joy coming into pure pain. What can I say, they love a good cry! :)

4. And finally, they love the extreme opposites that occur down here...

In the higher dimensions, you wouldn't see an extremely unhappy person right next to an extremely peaceful person on the street (just a random example). It couldn't exist together because as you move up in dimension, things group according to similarities.

Down here, we experience this merging of vastly different experiences and perspectives on a daily basis (ie. your annoying co-worker who sits directly across from you and you hear day in and day out).

Our dimension of extreme opposites living together is what moves the universe forward. How we act in relation to these extremes actually turns the wheel for our universe (how cool is that!).

Higher dimensional beings love watching this interplay and seeing how we're moving and shifting the whole universe by our choices, which trickles up to create more opportunities for them in higher dimensions.

We're really important down here and they miss getting the opportunity to come down here to be a part of it. But, they want me to underline, they love working side by side with you more. :)

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