The Answer Is Yes!

Have you been struggling with an identity crisis lately?

It seems every person I’ve been talking with, over the past week, has been confused around what to do, who they are and where they’re going.

Whenever I notice more than one person having the same experience, it’s my sign it's part of a collective experience and purposeful planetary energy shift.

This identity crisis activated on the eclipse of July 12th and has been building ever since.

We've all been stuck at some level in the intensity and confusion of it all.


It shifted! Yesterday it reached a crescendo and we’re now coming out the other side and into action.

It’s now aligned for you to take any kind of step out into the world on whatever it is you’ve been wondering about doing or being.

This energy requires you to just get out there in whatever way you can think of.

There’s no such thing as a bad choice right now, as long as it’s something you’ve been contemplating for a while and it keeps coming back to you.

So get on out there! The answer is "yes and go for it!"

This is not the time to go within to find your answers…


Your actions now will lead you to the next one an so on, helping you make sense of where you’re going and who you are with every step.


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